Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Chorus Line - Now on Blu-Ray

Disclosure:  We received a complimentary copy of the DVD to facilitate our honest review.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are those of the Shelly's Bits & Pieces family.

On January 14th, one of my favorite musicals was released on blu-ray.  I was so excited that I could finally watch A Chorus Line in blu-ray quality!  The movie takes me back to my early college years.  I had a huge crush on Michael Douglas, thanks to the movie Romancing the Stone, and my roommates and I went to see this movie several times at the theater.  Never saw the movie?  Here is a brief synopsis for you:

A group of dancers congregate on the stage of a Broadway theater to audition for a new musical. After the initial eliminations, 16 hopefuls remain. As the film unfolds, the backstory of each of the dancers is revealed. Some are funny, some ironic, some heartbreaking. No matter what their background, however, they all have one thing in common - a passion for dance.

As you follow the diverse group of dancers through the audition process, you really start to care about the characters.  You will find yourself laughing out loud at some stories, and others will really make you want to cry.  You will find out how important dance really is to them, and what they have gone through for their art. One song that always makes me laugh and sing along is "Dance 10, Looks 3", which Val sings about her struggles to become a dancer.  It is also known as the T!TS and A$$ song.  My roommates and I used to sing that song and do our own special dance to it!!  The song, "One" is probably the most memorable from the movie.  It incorporates the entire cast and it is awesome!

If you have a musical lover or a dancer in your life, this blu-ray would be a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. OR, you could just buy one for yourself and enjoy it whenever you want!.  Have you ever seen A Chorus Line?  What was your favorite song? Character?  Do tell!

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