Friday, January 31, 2014

And then they were gone.

Disclosure:  This post is a part of the Blog Dare I am participating in for 2014. Come join us at BloggyMoms!   Although I mention a brand in this article, no compensation was received.  I just love the candy!

Hawaiian Host Aloha Macs have to be my favorite chocolate indulgence.  I love macadamia nuts, and the milk chocolate on the Aloha Macs is delicious.  Since I am a Hawaiian Host newsletter subscriber, I was thrilled when I saw the post Christmas clearance they were holding.  I scanned the site and found several things to order.  We got a box FULL of goodies, and I did my best to hide them from my family.  This candy is very rich and delicious.  I know I can only have a piece every now and then, so my plan was to ration the candy to my family members as well.

In the box of goodies I ordered, I got cookies, Caramacs, Aloha Macs, and some assorted candy boxes.  The cookies are delicious.  They are more like a shortbread, and are not too sweet.  Kat fell in love with them, and now all 3 of the small boxes we received are GONE!  Chefy likes all of the chocolate, so I have had to hide it from him to keep him out of it.  On Tuesday, I pulled out the small box of Aloha Macs and I got a piece for myself.  When Chefy saw the candy, he wanted 2 pieces.  After sharing with Chefy, I hid the candy under my jacket.  On Thursday, I got the box out and had another piece.  Chefy asked for a piece and I handed him the box.  Big Mistake!

The box remained on the table beside Chefy.  During the afternoon, I took a nap, and when I woke up Chefy was eating a piece of candy.  Later on in the evening, I heard paper rustling, and the empty box was sitting in the trash.  I had 2 pieces of my favorite chocolate candy, shared with my hubby...and then, they were gone!  BYE BYE Aloha Macs!

OH...if you want to try them yourself, they are currently on sale at!

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