Thursday, January 9, 2014

Burgers' Smokehouse Review

Disclosure:  We received product at no cost to facilitate our honest review.  Receiving the product did not influence our review.  All opinions stated are those of the Shelly's Bits and Pieces family.

As you already know, we are a family of foodies!  We were recently given the opportunity to review some of the best ribs and bacon we have ever tasted from Burgers' Smokehouse.  We were sent 2 packages of ribs, one had a dry rub and the other one was sauced.  We decided to have a taste test one night so we cooked both types.  They are so easy to cook!  Since I was preparing dinner, I used the conventional oven method.

Preheat oven to 350° F. 
Remove ribs from vacuum packaging. 
Place ribs in baking dish or foil-lined pan. 
Add ¼ cup water. 
Cover and seal with foil. 
Heat until warm (approximately 30 minutes). 
Remove foil.

It was so simple and they were SO delicious!  They practically fell off the bones and the meat was tender and juicy!  I am a sauce girl, but I am picky about my sauce.  I had no complaints with the BBQ sauce Burgers' Smokehouse used!  It was very flavorful.  Kat loved them too and ate one entire slab herself. (She did not eat anything else, but gosh...LOL!)  I was not sure what to expect with the dry rub, I was worried that it would be...DRY!  I was so wrong!  It was awesome!  They were very flavorful!  Chefy prefers a dry rub on his ribs, so needless to say, Kat and I were only able to get a rib or two to sample. There was plenty of ribs in each vacuum sealed package and they were very meaty.  We had enough left over (after we pigged out) for Kat and me to eat for lunch the next day!

We also received a wonderful assortment of bacon! Kat and I are bacon junkies and we were so excited to give them a try.  We received the Pepper Coated City Bacon, Original City Bacon, and Applewood Country Bacon.  I was in love!  This bacon is so delicious!  My mom was here when we tried out the bacon.  We had it for breakfast Christmas morning. Mama said it took her back to when she was a kid and her great uncles cured their own bacon.  We have been savoring the bacon and I hate to admit that we are on our last package.

Burgers' Smokehouse offers awesome quality on these delicious meats, and you can have them delivered right to your door.  You can check out their after Christmas sales in the catalog HERE.  Don't blame me if your stomach starts growling and your mouth starts watering!  Right now they are offering you a free gift with qualifying orders:

SPEND $50 to $100 and we will automatically send along with your order FREE:
One 8 oz. pkg of Biscuit Size Country Ham

SPEND $100 or more and we will automatically send along with your order FREE:
One 8 oz. pkg. of Biscuit Size Country Ham and
One 1 lb. package of our Country Cajun Bacon

Free gift must ship with your order to the same address by
Feb. 5, 2014. Purchase of Gift Certificates are excluded.

What do you think?  This house full of foodies gives Burgers' Smokehouse our seal of approval.  We will be making a purchase soon and trying out some of their other tasty treats!

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