Friday, January 10, 2014

If you're at all interested in our...

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If you're at all interested in our current state of insanity, I'll be happy to fill you in.  This post was actually scheduled to be posted on Thursday 1/9.  Our heat went out at some point during Monday Night.  Kat and I woke up to a very chilly 54 degree house on Tuesday morning.  Because of the extremely cold temperatures here in NC, Kat went to school after a 2 hour delay that day, so we snuggled together until she left.  I left a message for our Heating guy and spent my day wrapped in a blanket.  About 4pm he stopped by and diagnosed our problem...blown compressor!  Thanks to our pastor, we had space heaters to use until our heat was fixed.  

We spent Tuesday night and part of Wednesday in a house that was 60 degrees!  We were sure thankful we were inside though!  Our heat did get repaired, at a cost of $1313.00!  We're thankful we are friends with the Heating guy, because he let us pay part of it and make payments!  After church Wednesday night, I had a headache and my throat was hurting.  Thursday was a blur most of the day.  I did not feel well and I slept the day away.  The last thing I remember was watching my daughter play on the Xbox about 8pm.  This morning, Chefy woke me up on his way out the door.   Kat had covered me up at bedtime last night and left me here on the couch! 

Today is better!  The house is warm, and although I am not feeling great, I am feeling better!  I am trying to get caught up on posts.  Please continue to follow my blog!  Hoping your week has been a lot more sane than mine!

God Bless Y'all!

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