Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I've seen some pretty horrible...

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Ever since getting 13 inches of hair chopped off to donate to Locks for Love, my teenage daughter, Kat, has started taking forever getting her hair ready.  When it was long, she would pull it into a ponytail and go, but now, she must completely style her hair.  Right before Christmas, she decided that she was tired of how it was looking, and she wanted it cut again.  She had been trying to grow it back out, but the in between stage had her hair resembling a Beatles hair cut on steroids.

We went to her regular salon, but her two favorite stylists were busy.  She decided to give the new girl a try.  I'm trying to be nice when I say this, but that stylist needs to go back to school!  I've seen some pretty horrible hair cuts in my day, but this girl topped them all.  Kat's hair was not even anywhere.  Each side of her face was a different length, the back of her head looked like a 5 yr old cut it.  There were individual long hairs sticking out of the trimmed areas, and even after trimming the front of Kat's hair, her eyes were partially covered.

Since the salon visit, I have trimmed the long hairs, shaped the back, and evened up the sides.  Now, her hair is getting too long again.  She needs the front trimmed and she wants layers in the back.  She wants to go get it cut at the normal salon, but there is no guarantee who her stylist will be.  Should we go somewhere else, or give the salon another chance?  What are your thoughts?  Should she chance another pretty horrible hair cut?  Would you?

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