Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just don't do it!

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When I was in high school, my dream was to be a school teacher.  I love children and I had always wanted to mold young minds, and to be the same kind of loving, caring teacher that my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Mathis was!  Teaching had been my dream as long as I could remember.  My favorite Christmas gift was the full size black board I received for my 6th Christmas.  I would read to my dolls and stuffed animals and I would hold class in my room every day!  

During my junior year in high school, my guidance counselor advised me against teaching.  She told me that with my high math aptitude I should go into accounting.  She gave me all kinds of reasons to do it, including the fact that it paid better than teaching.  After our conversation, I struggled with what to do for the next year.  Instead of immediately applying to colleges, I shrugged things off and remained undecided.  Even after I graduated, I still had no direction in my life.  For a year, I tried to find my way.  I took several different jobs to provide my spending money, while living at home with my parents.  

On August 16, 1985, I was in a very bad wreck with my church youth group.  Three people on board our van passed away that day.  My life changed in an instant that day.  I decided I needed to start being serious about my life and after I recovered from my injuries, I registered for college.  I did not go into education.  I followed the advice of my counselor and went into accounting.  Although I did finish school and get a good accounting job, I was never happy with it.  The accounting came so easy to me, and I breezed through my job, but my heart was never in it.  

As I sit and reflect, I wish I had followed MY dream, and ignored the advice.  Although I am not too old to go back to school, my health issues will just not allow it.  I am able to teach, but not in a school classroom. I tutor, I teach Children's Church and I teach my daughter, nieces and nephew!  

Don't do what I did!  Follow your dreams and do NOT allow anyone to change your direction.  You know your heart.  Follow it!  Don't end up 47 years old, wishing you had followed YOUR dream!  JUST DON'T DO IT! 

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