Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My goals and resolutions for 2014 (The Blog Dare)

My husband and I have been discussing things we would like to accomplish in 2014.  Most of the personal goals I am setting are health related.  I will get more exercise this year.  I need to pull away from the computer and get moving more.  I will continue to eat healthier foods and plan to eliminate fried foods this year.  I also WILL get organized.  We have already started the decluttering and I have my files started for 2014.  I am labeled and ready.

My blog goal for 2013 is to post EVERY day.  I started off last year...doing OK, but within a few weeks, life got in the way.  You know what they say about best laid plans!  I will get caught up on the last few reviews I owe from 2013 and by the end of this weekend, I should have a clean slate! I will post more recipes and add more photos this year.  I really enjoy sharing my life and being married to a chef means food is a big part.  Since Chefy is in with me on the healthy eating, we will be posting heathier recipes and some step by step photos too.

As a family, we have pledged to do more together, without electronics.  We will be doing a family devotion and Bible study too.  Since Chefy and I want to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, in one year, we will be discussing that along the way during our family time!

Our last two years have been very hard on us, with the loss of almost a dozen family members.  We are praying that 2014 will find our family healthier than ever and that we will all be spending our lives filled with love.  What are your resolutions or goals for 2014?  Share them with me in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and sticking with Shelly's Bits and Pieces!  May God Bless you all, now and always!


About JollyJilly said...

Happy new year and I hope that you can achieve what you want. I'm also trying to post every day and I think it will be hard lol. Very best of luck

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your resolutions!! One of mine is to be more grateful for all I have and to live life more fully instead of getting mired down in stupid details that won't make a difference in a month. Happy New year!

mskayz said...

Admirable and attainable goals!!