Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That's where it started.

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My parents met each other in high school.  My mama was a very studious person and my daddy was a jock. Mama was shy and generally kept to her small group of friends and her first cousin Don.  She and Don were born 2 weeks apart and had grown up together.  They were like brother and sister!  Daddy was very outgoing and he and Don were good friends.

Daddy thought my mom was cute, but was not real sure about dating his friend's "sister", the smart, church girl.  Mama thought he was cute too, the problem was, he knew it.  They were often around each other, going to the movie as a group, but never one on one.  In the fall of 1962, Mama and Don joined Daddy and a girl he was dating, Tani, for a drive in movie.  At intermission of the movie, My dad and Tani went to the concession stand to get popcorn and a soft drink. When they came back, my mom stepped out of the front seat to allow Daddy and Tani to get in the back.  Just as Tani was getting in, the seat slipped out of Mama's hand and slammed against Tani.  The entire cup of Orange Crush that Tani was holding spilled on her new London Fog coat.   She was beyond angry, screaming like a banshee, and demanding to go home.

They drove her home and she jumped out of the car without speaking to anyone.  Although my mom had apologized to her, she was having nothing to do with anyone.  That was the last time she went out with my daddy!  The following weekend, Daddy asked my mom to go out.  They did, and the rest is history.  They neither dated anyone else after that.  They were married for 48 years before my daddy passed.  This year would have been their 50th!  We know how it ended, and now you know that's where it started!  Daddy always said that Mama "Crushed the competition!"

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