Friday, January 31, 2014

The test was...

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During her freshman year, Kat spent the last 6 weeks of school on home bound.  She was given all the work she was missing and she basically taught herself.  I helped her as much as possible, but when it came to geometry, I was useless.  She was supposed to have an instructor come over weekly to check on her progress and to offer her assistance with any problem areas.  Notice that I said she was SUPPOSED to have the instructor drop by.  Someone at the high school dropped the ball and no instructor was ever scheduled.  When I called the school, the messages I left were being discarded because they assumed it had already been taken care of.

A week before her final exam, my husband finally got in touch with the principal and he had the freshman counselor stop by.  He came in and talked to Kat, then called the school and told the home bound head that they needed to get someone to come review with her.  The next day, a math teacher came by and they worked on some geometry problems for about 30 minutes.  They did not go over any other classes!  He told Kat that she should do fine on the exams and left.  We were concerned, but we prayed about it.

Kat took her exams several days later.  She made A's on all of them.  She had done it, basically on her own!
The test was over, and Kat passed with flying colors!

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