Friday, January 31, 2014

We didn't go because...

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As you know, Chefy's mom recently passed away. We knew we needed to go to the service, but it was  3,000 miles away, and getting there was going to be expensive.  The other key issue was that he had been estranged from his mother and sister for several years.  Although they had recently been working on it, the hurt was still there. We prayed about it, and we decided to try to get the money to go.  That was the correct decision.

We went out there with open hearts and minds.

The service was different than anything we had ever experienced.  It was called a celebration of life, instead of a memorial service.  People came in, signed a book, then ate food and chatted.  Chefy's sister did speak at the event, and she thanked people for coming.  She spoke of her mom and her husband and daughter, and never mentioned Chefy and our family at all.  Although it did upset Chefy and some of his friends who came to the event, we decided that it was best to leave it alone.  The hurt, anger and pain was not going to follow us back home.  It was over.

We didn't go because we thought everything would be settled and normal.  We went because it was his mother, and it was the right thing to do.  No regrets.  We followed our hearts.  We did the right thing!

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