Sunday, January 12, 2014

We spent months...

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Before we moved to this house, we spent months fighting illness after illness.  We went from doctor to doctor and no one had any idea why we kept getting sick.  Kat's asthma got worse, so much worse in fact, that we had to get her a nebulizer so she could have daily treatments.  Chefy, who contracted MRSA during a hospital stay, had one bout with it after another.  My lupus was getting worse, and I was having  more bad days than good ones.

We purchased air purifiers to see if they would help.  My already clean house was scrubbed completely!  The carpets were removed, drapes cleaned.  Nothing helped.

As our health deteriorated, we just settled on the idea that we would just continue to have problems, and we just needed to deal with it.  One night, our plumbing went out and when Chefy pulled off some tile to work on it, he discovered black mold.  Within a few minutes, he had peeled off all of the wall paper in our bathroom.  Black mold was everywhere!  It continued on the walls in our bedroom, and throughout the rest of the house.  No room was spared.  We now had our culprit!  The mold in our house was toxic and it had been poisoning us for months!

We were told by our physicians that we needed to move quickly to get away from it.  A contractor checked out the house and found it in the floors, sub-floors, walls, and baseboards.  The only thing he suggested was to get out ASAP.  We moved within a month of finding the mold, and we are now healthier than ever!  Kat continues to have problems with her asthma but it usually only rears its' ugly head when she gets a bad head cold!  Chefy and I have not experienced MRSA breakouts since the move, and my lupus has not been as active.

I take myself back to those few months we spent trying to figure out the problem.  We never considered an environmental issue.  Now, it is the first thing I think about!

What have you spent months doing?  Do tell!

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