Monday, January 6, 2014

Who touched the...

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Who touched the remote?  I have heard my husband repeat this phrase more times than I care to remember.  He is notorious for falling asleep with the remote on his chest and the remote will slide off and end up in the floor, or in the interior of his recliner.  When Chefy groggily wakes up from his snooze, he'll pat his chest and stomach looking for the remote control.  If he cannot immediately put his hands on it, he will say, "Who touched the remote?"  It has become very humorous because now he is not only losing the remote, but also his cell phone and the house phone.

I think we need to put a tracking beacon on each of our cordless phones and the remote control so when Chefy manages to lose one while he "rests," they can be easily found.   Do you have that problem at your house?  What item do you find yourself searching for most often?  When are you most like to ask, "Who touched the...?"

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mskayz said...

I am constantly losing the cordless phone. Luckily there is a button on the base to "locate" it. It starts beeping!