Monday, January 20, 2014

You can't stay...

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I am a Christian.  I have been since I was a teenager.  Being a Christian does not mean that you are perfect, nor does it mean you will have a perfect life.  Things happen!  Situations beyond our control can cause havoc in lives.  Being a Christian just helps me deal with things a little better.

Things happen in life and you get angry.  Friends let you down.  Family members will hurt your feelings. There are so many things that can happen to cause you to get mad, upset, and sometimes even doubt God. The key is to realize that God is Always in control and that His will might not match your will.  But, God does know what is best in your life.

I have had my moments when I thought I knew what needed to happen.  I married my first husband without consulting God.  I made the decision, and I dealt with an abusive situation for years.  During this time, my then husband had a dominating influence over me, and we stopped going to church regularly.  Things were bad!  At times, I felt like God had left me.  One day, I realized that it was not God who left me. I had walked away from Him.  After that realization, I started going to church, with or without my husband.  I started praying again, and I was blessed.  My daughter was born!   Then God opened my eyes!  I tried to make the marriage work and prayed about what to do.  I stayed until I was abused physically and then found out that my husband had been cheating on me.  I found out later he was cheating with men.

When I left him, I was struggling.  I was so mad with him and I was not willing to forgive.  My daddy, who was a preacher, started talking to me about it.  I soon realized that I needed to forgive my ex for things so I could move on.  If God could forgive me for my sins, I needed to forgive others.  I realized that they would have to account for what they did, and that my anger was holding me back.  All this time, I had been angry with God because I felt like He had left me, but He had been there all along.  He blessed me with a healthy little girl.  He kept me from contracting any diseases from a cheating spouse, and He is the one who gave me the strength to leave.  He would never let me down.

People will hurt you, and make you angry.  You need to forgive them.  God forgave you.  You can't stay angry with someone, harbor animosity and continue to go on.  Let go, and Let God!

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