Monday, February 3, 2014

When a stranger calls, over and over!

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Feb 2 Prompt: Did I catch you at a bad time?

My hubby and I do not get as much quality alone time as we would like.  When we get the chance for some adult time together, we try to ignore phones and knocks.  One afternoon, our daughter was at her cousin's house and Chefy and I were thrilled to find ourselves alone.  We locked the doors and retired to the bedroom.  We did take a telephone because our daughter was away from home, and at the time, my grandma was in the hospital.

We had a chance to get comfy and cuddle on our bed when the phone rang.  I had to get up to answer it...wrong number.  Back to bed, and back to our cuddle time.  The phone rings again.  Wrong Number!
I brought the phone and placed it in the bed, and kissed Chefy.  We both laughed about the interruption.  As we were cuddled together talking, the phone rang a 3rd time.  Chefy answered it, and the person just started this conversation.  Chefy looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.  Then he told the person that they had the wrong number, and they wanted to argue with him about it.  He hung up, tossed the phone across the room and snuggled close to me.  Finally, the house was quiet, and we started to try to get romantic.  Just then, that phone rang again.  We tried to ignore it, but it rang continually.  It would go to the voice mail, then they called right back.  After hearing it ring long enough, Chefy jumped up and grabbed the phone.  I almost felt sorry for the caller when Chefy yelled, "WHAT?"  Then a look came over my hubby that was very odd.  Then he said, "OK, honey, I'll come out and help."  It was not the stranger calling that time.  Our daughter had been outside, and when she could not get in, she started calling us.  OOOPS.   We never did get that romantic alone time.