Monday, January 5, 2015

Blog Dare Day 2: You're acting...

I am participating in the Bloggy Moms Network Blog Dare and will be doing my best to post every single day of 2015.  Playing catch up right now!

I had to think long and hard to figure out what I was going to write about today.  Then the answer fell right into my lap.

Anyone who knows me understands that I am a huge advocate for children.  In my opinion, anyone who abuses a child deserves to be locked up, and if you kill a child, God Forbid!, I am for the death penalty.  Just like every parent, I have my moments where I get frustrated with the actions of my kids.  Kids do not come with a manual, and parents have to learn to be parents.  It takes time, and if you do not have support it can become difficult.  I understand that...BUT...

In August we were asked if Kat's friend could move in with us for a few weeks.  They were getting evicted from their house and they had no where for Kat's friend to live.  Her mom and little sister were moving in with a friend who only had one bedroom they could use.  Since Kat's friend had no where to go, I said she could stay with us.  Kat's friend plays sports and she had games and practice at least 5 times each week, so we knew there would be a lot of running her back and forth.  Her mom said she was going to give Kat some gas money for running her back and forth, and that she would be buying some drinks and snacks for the friend to eat here.

Fast forward to the end of September.  Kat's friend is still living here.  He mom has never brought over anything for her, and never gave Kat any gas money.  She moved from her friend's house to another friend's house.  Kat helped her move.  She told us that she would get her daughter by mid October.  Within a week, she was told to get out of the friend's house and she moved in with her grandma.  There was not enough room at her Grandma's house for both her kids, so Kat's friend was staying with us.  Supposedly an apartment was coming available before the end of October so Kat's friend could move back.  The 21st of October, she called me to tell me that the apartment fell through and that she had a trailer that was being prepared for them to move in before Thanksgiving.  That night, she bought some groceries for my house as a thank you and gave Kat $20 for gas.

Chefy was not pleased but agreed.  The girls got out of school the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I got a call that night saying that Kat's friend was going to her dad's for Thanksgiving and they would pick her up Thanksgiving morning and bring her back to my house on Sunday after.  Nothing was mentioned about moving.  Upon her return, we went to the grocery store where the mother met us.  She said that the trailer was not approved and that she had 2 new leads.  She bought groceries again and gave Kat $20 more.

December came with no new information.  Kat's friend went with us as we did all our shopping, to parties, and more.  She was in all our photos and had her own gifts and stocking!  I could not leave her out of anything.  On Christmas Eve morning, the mother came by and picked up Kat's friend.  She was brought back Christmas Day.  We were told that they found somewhere to move and were moving 30th.   Kat helped them move, and now the mother is acting like a total A$$.

She told her daughter that she cannot come and visit us and that she can only hang out with Kat at school.  This woman collected government assistance for over 4 months on a child she that was not living with her, food stamps and child support too.  She would call her daughter once or twice a week and never came over or called me.  All her communication with me was made through Kat.  UGH!
I feel bad for Kat and her friend.  I have no idea what is going on with the mom, but the girls are not to blame for her problems.  Last night she told Kat's friend that she had a week to prove she was going to do what she wanted or she was going to send her to her dads.

She has a 5 yr old who she constantly pawns off on everyone, even me.  I know she expects Kat's friend to watch her sister, and maybe that is causing problems, but exams start on Thursday, and these girls need to study.  I'm at a loss!  Attention Kat's friend's are acting like an idiot.  Grow Up and take responsibility!

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