Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Blog Dare Day 5: It is adorable...

 I am participating in the Bloggy Moms Network Blog Dare and will be doing my best to post every single day of 2015.  Playing catch up right now!

I love children, my own, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends...everyone's!  I love watching them interact with each other and with adults.   Children are not afraid to show how they feel and they are so honest about things.  Chefy and I, like many other family members, are heavier people.  Kat was taught to look inside before making assumptions about people and I am very proud that she is non-judgmental.

My nieces and nephews are being raised the same way, and I love watching them snuggle up to all their family members, no matter what size they are.  They also don't care about someone's color.  Everyone is different because God made them that way!  That is something we have always told the kids.

We had a sleep over recently and I loved watching everyone play and snuggle together.  It is adorable!  I wanted to share some photos with my readers!

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