Friday, September 11, 2015

Hurray for Repaired Internet!

We have been struggling off and on for the last couple months with a very inconsistent internet connection.  We live out in the county and are away from the hub so our high speed is anything but high speed.  We got talked into trying Hughes Net and it was installed for us.  Our connectivity was still sporadic, and I swear that even a partly cloudy day would leave us with no internet.  We also were flying through our monthly allotment of gigabites.  We were not watching movies or anything really.  I was just trying to check email, blog, and occasionally play in a twitter party!  We managed to go through our 10 gigs in 15 days.  So then we were unable to access the internet at all.  UGH!

I have relented and we have our Centurylink high speed DSL back, as well as the Hughes Net. (Thanks to that wonderful contract we stupidly agreed to)  I have cut back our Hughes Net to the lowest package, so it will still be available when our daughter needs to download work for school.  JUST frustrating..and an expensive lesson to learn!

How do you access the internet?  What kind of package do you have?  Do you have any problems?


msfolke said...

We have Direct TV, but we're in a pretty rural area and it goes out all the time!! So I feel your pain!

sallywilsey said...

I have ATT Internet and have for a few years now. I have a very poor area but I have no problems with ATT. I have tried others but always gone back to them. Very few problems and a very nice and polite customer service department.