Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to Get the Freshest Seafood Possible without Getting Wet

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Fresh seafood should not smell fishy, it should smell like the ocean. A slight hint of salt water is all that should be smelled. Finding fresh fish is difficult in inland states. Frozen fish tends to also have that fishy smell. A lot of what is shown as fresh fish in local markets, is actually previously frozen. You do not have to go out into the water to catch it yourself, there are reputable services that can deliver fresh seafood right to your home.
Find a Local Fish Monger
Even in areas where big lakes and oceans are not available, some farmers do raise fish for local fish mongers, restaurants and grocers. Farm raised fish is often grown safely, without chemicals. It is important to inquire with the fish monger where the fish was raised and if it is in a natural, chemical-free growing environment.
Overnight Shipping
There are reputable online fisheries that harvest, clean and pack fresh seafood within hours of it being caught. The seafood is packed in plenty of dry ice and is shipped overnight to your home. Without being seaside, this is the freshest seafood you can get, without getting wet.
It is important to have the delivery sent to a location where you will be available to receive it and refrigerate it immediately. Some consumers opt to have overnight seafood deliveries sent to their places of business since they are not home during regular delivery hours. If you click here, you can see how this process is a safe and effective option for obtaining freshly caught seafood.
Standing Order with a Fisherman
If you are lucky enough to live near water or a large lake, build a relationship with a local fisherman or fishing vessel. Some will work with private clients that have frequent or standing orders. Planning a seafood meal once or twice a week is healthy and obtaining it right from the fisherman is ideal when you are unable to fish for your own.
Having fresh, healthy seafood anytime that you want it is important in many diets. Fish is brain food and helps adults keep their minds active. It also helps children through growth spurts and many types of seafood do have health benefits. Seafood doesn't have to be something you order at a restaurant on a special occasion, it's easier to obtain fresh seafood than you think.

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Thank you for the information. I am not a big fan of fish, but lately have seen some really good recipes so am going to give some of them a try.