Monday, December 26, 2016

New DIY Chanukah Dessert Kits from Manischewitz

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Chanukah is the Jewish Festival of Lights. The holiday commemorates a time when the Jewish temple was destroyed and as a result, there was only enough oil to light the ceremonial lamp for one day, but the miracle was the oil lasted for eight days. For that reason, Jewish people celebrate eight days of Chanukah and during that time eat foods fried in oil.  To help commemorate and celebrate that, Manischewitz introduces three interactive, DIY Chanukah dessert-making kits!  The Chanukah kits include: Manischewitz Donut Mix Kit, Chanukah House Decorating Kit, and Chanukah Cookies with Decorating Icing.  All kits are nut-free and pareve and include everything you’ll need to create special treats.
The tradition of eating sufganiot or jelly donuts is easier than ever with Manischewitz’s Donut Mix Kit. It includes baking dough for 10-12 donuts, blue and white sprinkles, and powdered sugar.
The Chanukah House Decorating Kit allows for all of the fun with none of the hassle. The walls (vanilla cookies) come prebaked and the package includes white, dark and light blue, and yellow icing, sprinkles, edible mini-beads, menorah and mezuzah sugar decorations, and sanding sugar.

Festive Chanukah Cookies with Decorating Icing are a fun and easy activity to satisfy your cookie cravings. Each one comes with two premade cookies shaped like the Star of David or a Chanukah dreidel and includes decorative icing for custom designs.          

We have really enjoyed each of these items.  Working together as a family was an added bonus.  The premade cookies are very tasty and the ready made icing enabled all the kids to decorate.  My kids were more interested in eating the Chanukah House than actually keeping it together, but at least they kept it together long enough for Daddy to see it.  Our most favorite item was the Chanukah Donut Mix!  Absolutely delicious is the only way to describe them!!  They were a huge hit!

If you are looking for a way to connect with your family during your Chanukah celebration, consider these items by Manischewitz!  You will not be disappointed!

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