Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas Clearance Shopping

One of my most favorite things to do is to coupon and to shop at clearance sales.  On Wednesday, my mom and I spent the day together and one of the things we decided to do was to run out to Target.  I knew that most of their Christmas items were discounted 90% off, so I decided to see if anything was left.  They had a fairly large amount of Christmas wrapping paper and gift boxes, and a lot of broken items.  Some of the items they had that were obviously Christmas were not discounted, so I left them in the store.

People had opened most of the candy that was on the shelf.  Half eaten bars of chocolate were scattered throughout that department and it was gross!  I was thrilled to find some items that were in good shape and at a price I was happy with!

My 90% off haul from Target today. 10 boxes Kleenex hand towels, 1 Glad press and seal wrap, 3 packs of 3 shirt boxes, 1-2pk of Glade freshener refills, 1 pack of wooden Santa Sleigh and reindeer pieces, a Hershey bar and 2 large boxes of Nerds that have already been claimed. Grand total out of pocket $6.08.

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