Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Be More Confident Car Shopping with

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Whenever Michael, my hubby, and I start discussing purchasing a car, I can feel my anxiety level increase.  Since Michael is a trained chef and I went to school for accounting, car knowledge is severely lacking between us.  From the very beginning of each conversation, we always would run into a knowledge roadblock.  All those questions we have can now be answered with

Did you know that you can research and compare different cars with the research tool at  I had no idea!  You can simply type the make, model and year of the car you are interested in and it will bring up the specifics on the car.  You can see what the MSRP currently is on the car, find out about gas mileage and even find out about the drivetrain!  They list what they like, don't like, and also any notable features the car might have.  You can then scroll down and read reviews on the different cars, or even click on the buttons to check the local inventory or get a quote.  Michael and I were thrilled! is so much more than just a place to do research.  You can also search the listings for cars in your area, list your car for sale, and even find the right parts to repair your car.  One of my favorite features on has to be their videos and reviews section.  The videos are very informative and can help you to make your car buying decision!

Michael and I are going to be doing some serious research after the first of the year so we can get another car.  I am so glad to know that I can find so much information at  It is the one place I will check out first!

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