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Popular Fertility Foods Around the World

Disclosure:  After suffering from years of infertility, I wanted to share this information with others!  Maybe I can help!

Once a couple decides to start trying to conceive, they will start doing research on how to increase the chances of getting pregnant quickly. One thing that they would immediately think of is what foods to eat while trying to conceive to help boost their fertility.

As a matter of fact, there are a variety of fertility boosting foods around the world that could be added to your diet if you want a pregnancy to be in your cards sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at some of these fertility boosting foods from different areas around the world.


The Romans believed that walnuts would improve fertility, and that belief was established then. In fact they were right about walnuts being a fertility boosting food. However, the main reason the Romans ate walnuts because they believed that not only fertility would be improved- but their sexual desire and libido would be as well.

In fact, walnuts were served at weddings to bless the new bride and groom to help them create a family of their own.

Ironically the Romans knew their stuff because after research has been conducted, it has been found that walnuts are great for fertility. There is a lot of zinc found in walnuts, and zinc is essential for helping your man improve his sperm quality and count. So there you have it. Walnuts will help your man’s fertility. As long as he doesn’t have a nut allergy, buy him plenty of walnuts to snack on while you are trying for that baby.


In India, coconut is the traditional fertility food. It’s used as part of wedding ceremonies because it represents fertility. The coconut is put in a pot, that represents the womb. Then the bride and groom are given a coconut during the ceremony as a gift. They will cherish the coconut for the rest of their lives.

In fact, coconut oil can definitely boost fertility in women by supporting healthy hormone production, as well as boosting cervical mucous production to help his swimmers make their way up to the egg waiting to be fertilized.

Maca Root

Maca Root is a popular herb in South America, especially in Peru. It is a great fertility booster, and can also increase the libido in women, and give them more energy.  Maca root can also improve immune systems, which can also help improve fertility since both go hand in hand. Maca Root can be found in capsule form in health food stores, and plenty of women take this while trying to conceive.


African women eat yams to help promote fertility. If you plan to incorporate yams in your diet, you will specifically want to eat wild yams because they have the goods to help boost fertility for women as they have properties to help with ovulation. You will need to go to specialty health food stores to find them. Keep in mind that wild yams can be so effective that it is common that many women who have incorporated them in their diet will increase chances of having twins.

Fresh Figs

The Ancient Greeks believed that fresh figs were fertility foods due to the shape which resembles ovaries and testes. Therefore, many women who have been trying to conceive have eaten fresh figs to promote fertility for centuries.

As a matter of fact, figs are a great food to help boost fertility because they are rich in iron and magnesium. Fig leaves also have insulin lowering properties which is helpful for women who have PCOS and can help them ovulate as a result.

Crappit Heid

Crappit Heid may sound gross when you say it, but this historic dish was eaten by the wives of fisherman who lived on the coasts of Scotland. Crappit heid is fish heads that are stuffed with oats and chopped liver which is loaded with vitamins that boost fertility.

The fishermen who lacked money to spend on food were very proud to provide such a hearty, delicious and nutritious meal. They also believed it would help their wives who ate it birth healthy and strong babies.

Fish Roe

Fish roe, or fish eggs are expensive in North America. However, they were incredibly valuable to those living around the Andes a century ago and even before that. Tribes sent men to the sea to fish for the eggs, and after they were caught they would be dried out in the Sun.

After being dried up, these men carried them back to their villages on the mountains to give to their wives so they could have healthy and strong babies. Fish eggs do help promote fertility because they are loaded with fertility nutrients that will help couples achieve that pregnancy that they have been wanting to achieve.

Pastured Eggs

In China, eggs are considered to be a popular health food, and women are told to eat as many as 10 eggs daily during pregnancy. Eggs also play a crucial role in the Chinese preconception diet too. Therefore, women were encouraged to eat eggs before trying to conceive to help boost their chances of conceiving.  Egg yolks are indeed packed with fertility boosting nutrients.

Animal Organs

Animal organs have vitamins and minerals that will boost both male and female fertility, and this was known for centuries. Bone marrow, adrenal glands and blood were believed to have the nutrients to help boost fertility. Hunters from the Amazon, Africa, Canada and Australia would serve themselves and their wives these foods to help create healthy and strong babies.

Because of the rise of the vegan movement today, these particular foods would be unacceptable. Eggs and fish roe would be included. However, there are plenty of alternatives that you can look into by consulting with naturopaths who can help you find the right supplements to take to help you get pregnant.

If you are trying to conceive, and wonder what foods you can eat to help boost your chances of getting pregnant, now you know of what foods to eat to help make that happen. Good luck!

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