Monday, April 16, 2018

Stress-Busting Tips When Travelling For Business

Let’s face it; traveling can be stressful. Airport lines, missed connections, getting lost in new places… it would be easier to stay at home than face some of these inconveniences. Still, there are times when we have to pack our bags and travel, be that for the annual family vacation or to further our career with business meetings. Hence this article. With business travel in mind, we have some ideas to alleviate your stress. Check out our tips below.

1. Don’t travel

Okay, so this is an unusual choice for an article about business travel, but if you can conduct your meetings over Skype or any other kind of video conference center, do that instead. It will save you on travel costs, and you won’t have to run the risk of the stresses we mentioned at the beginning. Still, if you do need to leave the comfort of home, consider the rest of the tips below.

2. Carry light

If you aren’t going away for an extended period, don’t stuff your bags with anything you don’t need. You will only end up struggling and tiring yourself out when you are heavily laden with baggage. Instead, focus on carrying the essentials, such as your business outfits, phone (with travel apps), and your passport, and leave everything else behind, including the proverbial kitchen sink.

3. Pick the right hotel

When it comes to picking the right hotel for a business trip, we recommend a hotel that doubles as a conference center. This way, you can meet your client at the hotel, instead of running the risk of being late when you have to travel halfway across a strange town to meet them. The Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre is an example of what you should be looking for, with boardrooms and meeting spaces. Of course, while you are traveling for business, you should also make some time for yourself, so look for a hotel with leisure time amenities - swimming pool, spa, gym, etc. - where you can enjoy your downtime when you’re away from work.

4. Get plenty of rest

Travelling can be exhausting, which isn’t great when you need to be fresh and alert for your business meetings. You don’t want to doze off in front of your clients, after all. So when you can find an opportunity for some shut-eye, do it. We also recommend you arrive at your chosen destination early (or even the night before your meetings) as you will be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of rest and sleep before the serious business of work begins.

5. Stay in touch with your family

Being away from your family for any length of time can suck, big time! While you will probably enjoy the opportunity for some ‘me-time’ away from family stresses, you are still going to miss them. And of course, they will miss you too. So schedule some time for a phone call or video chat, and you will all feel a little better. A familiar face or voice can make all the difference when you’re situated in an unfamiliar place, and you won’t feel as lonely when you talk to them. Still, when you’re done chatting, enjoy the opportunity to watch you want on the hotel tv, and catch up on that book you have always been meaning to read but couldn’t because of family interruptions.


Follow our tips and you will make your business travel less stressful and miserable. You might even get the chance to enjoy yourself, too. Thanks for reading, and if you are traveling for work purposes anytime soon, bon voyage!

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