Thursday, May 31, 2018

Creating The Perfect Haven To Rest In

We all have hectic lives, and most of us countdown the hours until we’re able to crawl back into bed for the night. However, many of us don’t really pay much attention to the decor of our bedrooms because we either don’t have time, or we simply haven’t really thought about it. Did you know that your body relaxes more when it’s happier with the room that you’re in? An aesthetically pleasing bedroom is more likely to encourage a more comfortable and restful sleep, so take a look at these tips on creating the perfect haven for you to rest in.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Lighting makes all of the difference to how you perceive a room. If a room is too bright and the light glares into your eyes, you’re bound to be less inclined to spend much time in there. If you’re unable to change the kind of bulb or lights in your bedroom, consider investing in a few lamps so that when you do decide to retire to the bedroom, you’re able to relax in a more comfortable light!

Colors in your bedroom also make the world of difference to how you feel and also how you wind down. Bright and bold colors are more likely to excite the brain, meaning that you’re going to find it much harder to fall asleep. Deep and creamy colors are often the best choice for a bedroom as they give off the feeling of warmth and coziness. Consider changing the colors of your room to something more relaxing and you’ll find you’re falling into a much easier slumber.

Every bedroom needs a wardrobe, a bed, and probably some drawers to store all of your clothes in. However, did you know that your bed could be affecting your sleep routine? Have you ever asked yourself how long does a mattress last for? You’ll actually be surprised at how often it’s recommended to change your mattress, and also how easily your sleeping routine can be affected by having a mattress that needs replacing.

The smell in your bedroom is also another important factor to get right so that you can get a good night of sleep. While air fresheners and plugins create wonderful smells, some simply aren’t the right scents for a bedroom as they can end up keeping you awake. For your bedroom, try to go for smells like lavender or special nighttime plugin refills so that you can drift off into a natural sleep! Linen and cotton smells also work really well.

Finally, the technology in your bedroom should be kept to a minimum. So, if you like watching TV in bed, make sure you’ve got it on a timer so that you don’t end up spending your whole night glued to the telly instead of getting some all-important winks! Avoid having anything that’s too thrilling on too so that you’re not tempted to cancel the timer too!

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