Monday, April 8, 2019

THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS Film Review & Giveaway #PilgrimsProgressL3 #spon


Easter is will be here in under two weeks, and I have an idea for a wonderful way to spend the weekend with your family.  Why not go see an animated Christian film?  The Pilgrims Progress will be in theaters on 2 days only! April 18 & 20, Easter weekend! And I am giving away tickets (fandango e-codes).
Thursday, April 18, 7:00p
Saturday, April 20, 12:55p

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!   Click here for more information or to purchase!

Based on John Bunyan’s epic masterpiece, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is one of the most popular books of all time, and one of the most important stories of our faith! Second to the Bible in total copies and translations, the story was written by John Bunyan a pastor, imprisoned for sharing his faith. This powerful allegory helps families understand the spiritual journey is the most important journey in life, as well as the importance of sticking to the path, even when the journey gets difficult.

When I was a child, I watched my grandma read The Pilgrim's Progress, and when I got old enough to read it, I had times when I struggled with the allegory.  It is not a book for some light reading!  I was about 10 or so before I really understood it.  The book is a classic and I truly feel that every Christian should at least be familiar with it.

This film helps to introduce The Pilgrim's Progress to an entirely new generation of people.  If you have read the book, it refreshes the meaning behind it, and if it is new to you, you will go away with a better meaning about what a Christian life entails.  It reminds you that you should persevere and not give up, it reminds you to think for yourself and don't just follow others and what they tell you, and to continue to walk in the LIGHT, even though the road gets hard to navigate.  God never leaves you, even during your darkest hours.

Parts of this movie might frighten younger children or even older kids who scare easily.  There are a few moments that I noticed the 7-year-old turn away from the movie.  She didn't like the "flying, scary mean guy", and she was promptly told by the 8-year-old that he was like the devil and that you are not supposed to like him.

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Unknown said...

Looks cute! I will take my daughter to see it!

Jeremy said...

Would take my nephew

deedee43 said...

My daughter would definitely enjoy this movie,I thhink it looks great!

Vikki Billings said...

I think it looks like a great family movie that my grandkids would love to see with me. We love seeing new movies!

lkw1974 said...

Looks like a good movie.