Thursday, December 5, 2019

Staying Mindful About Grandparents Around Christmas

We’re going through very sobering changes in society. The more you look out into the world, the more you see the generational gap widening. In fact, it's accelerating at an alarming rate. More and more young people are showing signs of agism in their views. It's not just politically because that divide has always been there. But culturally speaking, it seems like the older generation is being seen as ‘the other’ by the young. So during this time of Christmas, how could you support your grandparents better? Maybe it's something like helping them out financially, inviting them over for dinner or perhaps talking to them about the concerns they have regarding culture and younger people. 

Inviting them over

Many families will have Christmas dinner with their immediate family. It's not always like you see in movies and entertainment shows. Not every family gathers together and has a multi-generational Christmas feast. Many of us, just wish each other a happy holiday and spend time with those we share our lives with day in and day out. However, if you would like to be more mindful about your grandparents over this year’s Christmas season, you could invite them over. Regardless of whether or not they live far, you should make some extra room and provide a guest room for them to sleep in. Utilize this opportunity to speak with them and ask the questions you’ve always wanted answers to about their life. You never know, they could give you advice on a thing or two in your
own life.


 About this gap

The generational gap in music, movies, politics, fashion, etc, has always been wide. It's only natural. In fact, they had their own generational gap from their elders back in their day. So speaking to your grandparents about what’s going on in society, could help shine a light on how they feel. One of the things that are so prevalent in modern society is a question of, what happened to respect? While other cultures support their aging generation in show business realm, many shows featuring older people or for older people will be canceled. Music has drastically changed and you’d be hard-pressed to find popular music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s being played on the radio anymore.

Presents that would help 

Getting people presents for Christmas has always been difficult even at the best of times. However, for your grandparents, it's perhaps easier because they like practical things they can actually use. Items and appliances that would make their daily lives more enjoyable, will go down with the most success. A pure cotton bathrobe would be great. Perhaps an electric deep fryer for the kitchen? These appliances can cook many meals just with the touch of a button. On the other hand, fixing something like giving your grandfather’s car an oil change or cleaning the gutters would suffice.

During Christmas time, it's difficult for older people to get out of the house. But inviting them over, giving them a spare room to sleep in and talking to them about the changing world, would really make them feel appreciated.


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