Friday, January 31, 2020

The Way Universities Educate Law Grads Is Changing For The Better

Over the twentieth century, the words “lawyer” and “doctor” became bywords for having a successful career. In the 21st century, that’s still true. Lawyers are among the highest earners in the American economy, with many taking home more than $100,000 per year at successful practices.

Traditionally, however, getting into the profession was fraught with difficulties. Budding graduates had to endure year after year of learning, all self-financed, making it almost impossible to work at the same time.

With changes in technology and educational approach, though, students have more flexibility than ever before.

Technology is making a difference, for instance, to where people can learn. Historically, if you wanted an education in law, you had to show up every day to a physical university - and pay high boarding costs for the privilege. Now, though, many institutions deliver courses and materials online, slashing accommodation, and travel costs.

Universities are also experimenting with the way that they educate people. Today’s law graduates have the opportunity to work on real cases (often in business) while studying, providing real-life experiences of the type of problems they might face in the future.

All this is leading to a dramatically different legal landscape. The opportunities in the sector have never been greater, and getting into training has never been more practical.

Are you thinking about shifting careers? If so, please take some time to read through the following infographic. It charts how educational institutions are changing their approach to legal degrees and providing students with more flexibility and options.

Infographic by USC


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