Sunday, January 5, 2020

Why Is It So Hard To Manage Family Health?!

Depending on the type of family that you are, anything to do with family life is going to be hard. Some families find themselves in utter chaos all of the time, simply because the kids are full of energy, the weekends are so rushed, and the weeks are spent desperately trying to balance work and family life, whilst making sure the house is clean. Not every family is going to be this picture-perfect family, with well-behaved children who are doing the chores for you. For most of you reading this, that would have sounded like an absolute dream. So if the general gist of your family life is a little bit crazy, then you might also be struggling to keep your family healthy. There has never been a greater push at the minute to change the health of this world around. There are so many diseases and illnesses that are far more common now than they used to be, and that's mainly because of the way that we're living our lives. So, we're going to talk you through why it might be hard to manage your family's health and little things you can do to change your family's health and outlook on life.

One Of The Biggest Struggles

As a nation, we love going to the doctors about the smallest of issues. We actually waste a lot of time there on issues that clear up naturally within a day or two. But one specialist that we typically avoid as much as we can, is the dentist. Some see it as an inconvenience having to go. Some have a big fear that means they haven't been for years. But we're also a nation that is renowned for having poor diets and lifestyles which then directly affect our teeth. It's so common for people to lose a tooth or two due to a high sugar diet. Replacing your missing teeth has never been easier because of the incredible treatments that we can now have done. But not going to the dentist and causing this problem, in the beginning, is setting such a bad example for your children. They feed off of your fears, and it can be a sign of neglect if you aren't getting them into the dentist every time their check-up is due. Allowing your kids to grow up with pearly whites will also help to prevent a lot of insecurities!  Another medical professional that many of us forget to go and see is the optician. Most of us take our eye health for granted; it only becomes a problem when a noticeable issue arises. It may be that you need contact lenses or prescription sunglasses for driving. Your children also need to attend regular checkups with the eye doctor too. If you skip out on their appointments they may begin to struggle at school if they can’t see in the classroom. All in all, try to keep a diary of all of your family appointments so you never fall behind.

They Don't Play Outdoors Anymore

A truly sad state of affairs, but children are not playing outdoors as much as they used to. Once upon a time, a parent's biggest struggle would be trying to get their kids on the house before it went dark, and then shovel a plate of anything but chocolate and sweets down. But now kids are spending all of their time indoors, playing with toys, watching films, and using tablets as a form of distraction. It's leading to the health of children being worse than it has ever been before. This combined with the fact that children are always going to be fussy eaters, which means there are now more obese children in the world than there have ever been before. There's an obvious remedy, and that's to get them playing outdoors. In the street, or taking them to the park, or going to a soft play center for the day. There's so many things that they'll have far more fun doing, you just have to facilitate it!

Lead By Example

Your kids will follow every single example you set. Until they get a little bit older when they'll do anything to be the exact opposite of you, they'll be copying everything you're doing. So if you're eating a poor diet and living a lazy lifestyle that's exactly what they're going to do. So to get them to do what you want them to do, you have to do it first. Get up and eat a healthy breakfast, be positive and chirpy and singing, and generally have a good mindset. The more energy you have for life, the more energy they will have for life. Have good morals and values and make sure you apply it to their lives. You're literally creating the future generation, it has to be a positive one!

Calm Your Lifestyle Down

Finally, if you do always feel like your life is a big rush, and you're not having the chance to eat right, or even just live right, slow your lifestyle down. Stop working so much to earn money, change to a job that will pay you more!


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