Thursday, May 28, 2020

How To Help A Loved Grieving Through Covid-19

Grief is never easy, however, coronavirus has made it just that little bit more difficult. For many of us, we feel like coronavirus is a waiting game. We’ve limited trips out, started work from home, home-schooled the kids, and have seen each day as a victory for escaping the virus.

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Unfortunately, there are some people who have been affected by the coronavirus in the worst way possible. Losing someone you care about is never easy, but coronavirus has made it worst. Normally there would be no limit to how many people can gather to celebrate someone life, you can run and give someone who needs it, a hug, nut social distancing and government guidelines have put a stop to the way we can support our loved ones when they’re are grieving during coronavirus.

Although this time is extremely hard and we can’t plan things the way we want to, there are still some things you can do to support someone who needs it, let’s have a look at some of them below:

Plan a Funeral or Memorial

A Funeral Service or memorial can provide solace and, perhaps, a sense of closure for some. In the age of coronavirus, these events are a little different. The numbers are limited, but small services are still possible as long as social distancing is applied. Although there will be many people who can’t attend who would want to pay their respects, it’s still possible to speak to people over video chat or hold an online memorial so people can celebrate their life together. Of course, speak to the bereaved person before going ahead and planning one, but offering your help at this bad time could be a great shoulder to lean on even if they can’t physically.

Share Happy Memories 

If you have memories filled with the joy of the person who has passed, don’t keep them to yourself. It can be as simple as sending a message online or an email to the people who were closest to them. Talking about the memories you have can bring a smile to someone's face in times of need. If you feel comfortable, you could send an email and see if they want to talk over video chat or phone, at times like these someone people may not feel up to that but others will appreciate hearing someones voice. Especially with the lockdown and not been able to be near the people who would normally support them.

Plan For The Future 

We can’t forget that one day the crisis will pass, even if the timeline of this is hard to predict at the moment. You most certainly don’t want to gloss over someone's sadness, however, you can help to direct their energy in a positive direction. Maybe mention something that they’d love to do that is possible at the moment. Such as ‘wait until we can go to xxx again’. Of course, you need to wait for the right moment to do this. You can also express how you’re looking forward to one day all coming together in person to be able to honor the memory of the passed.

Although times are hard at the moment, it’s important for us to find new ways to support each other through this difficult time. Are there any ways you are supporting your loved ones that you could share in the comments below? 

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