Friday, July 10, 2020

3 Weekend Tasks To Make Your Exterior Look New Again

We are all at the mercy of time, and our beloved homes are without exception to this rule. They age just as we do. They groan and creak, just as our bodies do. They also look a little worse for wear, as time goes on. Pelted by decades of rain, wind, snow, and sun rays, it's quite easy to see how the exterior of your home looks the way it does. It's a little faint or dull in color, there are cracks beginning to form and spread throughout the walls, roof, and ground, and there are so many minor kinks that you would like to fix. Yet, to bring your exterior back to life, you need two things first. A lot of elbow grease, and a little knowledge.

Cleaning the siding

The siding of any home becomes hard and often, allows stains and dirt to grab a hold onto its surface. This is because the material is constantly expanding and contracting, as the temperatures fluctuate. You can choose to replace the siding but it's very expensive and will easily cost $1,000+ per square meter. It's better to use a Pressure Washing service that knows how to deal with vinyl, stucco, painted wood, Hardiplank, and many more materials. The siding will be inspected to see how soft or hard it is, and then a pressure setting will be chosen to effectively get rid of the algae, bacteria, critters, mold, and moss. You may think that high-pressure washing could harm your siding, but their soft washing solution avoids this altogether.

Clean stone tiles

Whether you have a footpath, patio, or even a driveway that is made up of stone tiles, giving them a good clean will boost your curb appeal instantaneously. Stone tiles bear a lot of the brunt from rainfall but they also have to contend with the garden itself. Weeds, loose soil, and general debris such as leaves and pebbles, scratch, irritate, and disturb stone tiles. Using a cleaning solution that is primarily a greaser will give your stone surface a deep cleansing. It will act like a slightly coarse rub, and yet with its lubricating qualities, will rejuvenate the stone and take away any and all of the dirt and debris on the surface. Just make sure you give your stone tiles a good wash with hot water and a bristle brush first. This gets rid of the larger and looser bits and pieces.

Scrub your gutters

From afar, one of the first things of your home anyone will see is your roof. Then they will lock eyes onto your gutters and if they look moldy, dirty, and patched with stains, it's not going to give off a good first impression. You can make a mixture of white vinegar and cleaning detergent or just use bleach, and scrub your gutters clean in a couple of hours. However, you need two buckets, one for rinsing the cloth or scrubber you’re using and another for the hot water and solution. White vinegar is great for vinyl gutters while bleach is good for PVC gutters.

The exterior of your home is supposed to look a little worn, it's simply unavoidable. But it shouldn’t look like an old decrepit and unloved home either.


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