Thursday, July 9, 2020

6 Habits of a Stylish Man

You can spot style from a mile away, and some men have it, and others don’t. However, if
you feel like you fall into the second category, there are always steps you can take to add
some extra style to your life.

Here are six habits of the stylish man, and you’ll find none of them are out of reach.

He Dresses for the Occasion

There’s dressing well, and then there’s always being dressed to suit the occasion. The
stylish man dresses well but is also always dressed for the occasion.

This shows a social awareness of what is required in all situations, and the ability to pull it off
with an effortless style. Whether that’s at a pool party or in the boardroom, the stylish man
knows what’s required.

He Has a Skin Routine

Keeping your skin looking flawless isn’t straight forward, and the stylish man recognizes it
takes a good skin routine to stay looking good. With the right clarifying facial cleanser, and a
good SPF, the stylish man keeps himself looking younger than his days, and always has a
clear complexion.

Staying healthy is part of the job, and a big part of that is looking after your skin!

He’s Got a Signature Scent

Being stylish is about more than just the look. It’s an aura, and the way you smell is a big
part of that.

A signature scent can help define you when you walk into a room and get people associating
nice things with you from the moment, they smell you. A high-quality scent will never go out
of fashion, and always keep you stylish.

He Keeps Things Simple

The stylish man knows there’s no need to overcomplicate things when he can keep them
simple. He sticks to the things he does well and never gets tired of the tried and tested

While he’s not afraid to innovate and stand out from the crowd, he knows simplicity is his
ally, and that style shouldn’t be complicated. Once you’ve perfected your art, then you don’t
mess with the formula too much!

He Stays in Shape

It’s not just his skin that the stylish man wants to keep healthy, it’s his entire body and mind.
This is why he’s committed to regular exercise that will help keep him in tip-top shape.

He doesn’t have to be obsessive, but he does know a healthy routine will help him lead a
more active, happier life. Keeping trim is part of the style, but more importantly, it’s part of
the healthy lifestyle that’s the backdrop to stylishness.

He’s Generous with His Time

There are few things more stylish than a man who is generous with his time. He may be
looking great wherever he goes, but this is backed up by a character that oozes style. Part of
this is his willingness to converse with anyone and share his time generously.

Style is a package, and it’s as much about personality as it is about looks.

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