Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Finding Reasons To Get Outdoors In 2020

 This year has certainly been an odd one. Aside from making everyone’s life that little bit extra stressful, it’s also seen a lot of us spending a lot more time indoors than we usually might, and more than we might like to. If you’re being prudent, you might not be getting out for your usual gatherings and events, so what opportunities should you take to get out there instead?

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Move those legs

There’s nothing to stop you from getting up and taking a walk even if you’re in a state of lockdown. Quarantine is designed to keep you from other people, but most places with lockdown rules still allow for people to be outside if it’s for recreation or fitness purposes. If you’re going out for chores, then instead of taking the car everywhere, you can take the more scenic route, or you can use walking apps to find nice routes near you, too.

Take care of the garden

Since you’re spending more time in your home, why not make use of it to add a little curb appeal, as well? Getting into gardening for beginners, you can start to learn about the day-to-day maintenance and planting choices that allow you to create a gorgeous exterior for your home. Not only can be a great way to get out into the sun and to take your mind off things, it can be good for property values, too. Even if you only have something like a single balcony, you can create a mini-garden to tend to each day.

Hit the water

If you live near any bodies of freshwater, then there should be nothing to stop you from taking advantage of them. Fishing has tremendous health benefits, aside from getting you out of the home, even if you’re bringing beginners fishing kits. It’s great for your core, heart, and lungs, it gets you more than your fair share of vitamin D (so be sure to take necessary precautions to protect against UV rays), and it can help you shake off a lot of the day-to-day stress we’re all experiencing a little more of.

Create your own zen den

You don’t need to get too far away from home to enjoy a little relaxation, however, nor do you necessarily need the excuse of getting active to get outside. Creating your own relaxing space in the garden or on the porch might not necessitate that you get your hands dirty or show off your green thumb. Creating a well lit, comfortable space, with the right furniture and some means to privacy can give you the perfect place to enjoy some respite in the great outdoors, a perfect place for reading, meditation, or any other means or chilling out that you might like.

Just because a lot of us are being more careful about not getting out around other people doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still take the time to enjoy the outdoors. A new hobby or “ritual” to get you outdoors could just be what your mind, body, and spirit needs.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Four tips for hosting a large scale event

 From weddings to birthday parties, business events to charity auctions, most people have an occasion in their life when they have to host a large scale event. If you are unaccustomed to organizing events, however, to begin with, such a large gathering could overwhelm you, with the result being that what should be a joyous occasion becomes stressful and unenjoyable. To help you out, here are four tips for hosting a large scale event. 

Find an appropriate venue

If your event is catered towards a large number of people, you will have to find a venue that is capable of comfortably hosting large groups. The activities planned for your event will also have an impact on the venue you choose. For instance, if you are planning on a sit-down meal then find a venue with a kitchen. For live music or an auction, you might want somewhere with a stage and sound equipment. Or, if you are planning on ending your event with a disco, choose a venue with a dance floor. 

Organize catering

Most events include some sort of refreshment and if alcohol is involved it is especially pertinent to offer food so that guests are not drinking on an empty stomach. You might decide to hold a formal sit down dinner, provide a buffet for guests to help themselves, or have waiting staff circulating among guests to offer nibbles. When preparing food for a large scale event, it is a good idea to order ingredients from a wholesaler local to your event, such as wholesalers in Cape Town. Ordering high-quality ingredients wholesale can help to keep costs down when catering for a large number of people. 

Provide a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 

Drinks are essential to a successful event, providing a fun and relaxing way for guests to socialize and mingle. You might like to provide a complimentary drink on arrival, for instance, a glass of Prosecco or champagne, and have waiting staff circulating among your guests to top up their glasses when they are running low. Although alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer are ubiquitous choices for events, ensure that you also provide a good choice of non-alcoholic options as well for guests who either don’t drink alcohol or who are driving. 


Most events include some form of entertainment, whether that is a post-wedding disco, a live band for a birthday, or a celebrity guest conducting a charity auction. You might, however, decide to offer something a bit more unusual as entertainment for your event. You could, for instance, wow guests with circus-themed entertainment such as gymnasts and magicians performing magic tricks. Or, to bring a bit of comedy and give your guests a giggle, why not hire a celebrity impersonator?

The most important thing to remember when hosting a large scale event is to be flexible and prepared for unexpected complications, and try to enjoy the festivities as much as possible.

How Can You Work Out When Broke?

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You have always signed up for gym membership and have access to fancy workout equipment. Unfortunately, the pandemic came, and everyone had to stay away from public spaces. Perhaps your income was also affected, and you realize that you can't keep up with the membership anymore.

 You’re here because you don't know how you can get the best fitness program on a budget. The truth is you don’t need an expensive gym membership to have a workout regime. Use these few ideas to keep you going when you're broke. 

Join a Workout Group

Bring your friends or neighbors together and form an exercise group where you can meet twice or thrice a week. Use free resources in the neighborhood to keep your sessions fun and enjoyable.

 The local park, community pool, or high school track are places where you can work out without paying a dime. It’ll be a lot more fun if you and your friends can go for coffee afterward. 

Check Out Discount Sites

New gyms that are trying to attract new members usually offer great deals on discount sites. If you’re lucky, you could sign up at only 20% of the usual monthly membership cost. However, this will mostly depend on how flexible you are in the type of gym you can join.

Alternatively, look for donation-based classes. These are usually community gym classes that come with drop-in costs, and sometimes they're entirely free. Most of them revolve around yoga, but they may be located away from the city.

Buy Multi-Use Equipment

Your next best option is to use your membership fee to buy multi-use fitness equipment. Some popular options include: 

An exercise ball

You can use it to support your body during weight training activities and cardio exercise. When not working out, you can sit on the ball when working on your computer or watching TV. Most will cost you anything between $20 and $50.

Multi-Station Home Gym

These can be quite expensive but will save you a lot in the long run. They also let you work out the whole body since they have a variety of exercises. You’ll need up to $500 for a complete set.

Cardio Machines

Cardio machines may seem like luxury items but having them at home saves you the monthly membership fees. Your whole family can also use them, which is an extended benefit altogether.

Use Free Exercise Resources

Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. If you look at the right places, you can get some useful resources like to inform your workout regime. Most have free information and workout programs you can use at home. 

Final Thoughts

Lack of money shouldn't be a reason for you to shelve your workout goals. If you were used to working in a gym setting, it's time to readjust to incorporate a less expensive program. Your options are diverse, including buying home gym equipment or joining discount gyms.

 Whatever option you settle for, ensure you remain committed to your workout routine. You might eventually find out that gym membership is an expense you never needed. Besides, the non-gym arrangement works better, is less costly, and is more flexible.