Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Finding Reasons To Get Outdoors In 2020

 This year has certainly been an odd one. Aside from making everyone’s life that little bit extra stressful, it’s also seen a lot of us spending a lot more time indoors than we usually might, and more than we might like to. If you’re being prudent, you might not be getting out for your usual gatherings and events, so what opportunities should you take to get out there instead?

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Move those legs

There’s nothing to stop you from getting up and taking a walk even if you’re in a state of lockdown. Quarantine is designed to keep you from other people, but most places with lockdown rules still allow for people to be outside if it’s for recreation or fitness purposes. If you’re going out for chores, then instead of taking the car everywhere, you can take the more scenic route, or you can use walking apps to find nice routes near you, too.

Take care of the garden

Since you’re spending more time in your home, why not make use of it to add a little curb appeal, as well? Getting into gardening for beginners, you can start to learn about the day-to-day maintenance and planting choices that allow you to create a gorgeous exterior for your home. Not only can be a great way to get out into the sun and to take your mind off things, it can be good for property values, too. Even if you only have something like a single balcony, you can create a mini-garden to tend to each day.

Hit the water

If you live near any bodies of freshwater, then there should be nothing to stop you from taking advantage of them. Fishing has tremendous health benefits, aside from getting you out of the home, even if you’re bringing beginners fishing kits. It’s great for your core, heart, and lungs, it gets you more than your fair share of vitamin D (so be sure to take necessary precautions to protect against UV rays), and it can help you shake off a lot of the day-to-day stress we’re all experiencing a little more of.

Create your own zen den

You don’t need to get too far away from home to enjoy a little relaxation, however, nor do you necessarily need the excuse of getting active to get outside. Creating your own relaxing space in the garden or on the porch might not necessitate that you get your hands dirty or show off your green thumb. Creating a well lit, comfortable space, with the right furniture and some means to privacy can give you the perfect place to enjoy some respite in the great outdoors, a perfect place for reading, meditation, or any other means or chilling out that you might like.

Just because a lot of us are being more careful about not getting out around other people doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still take the time to enjoy the outdoors. A new hobby or “ritual” to get you outdoors could just be what your mind, body, and spirit needs.

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