Sunday, December 6, 2020

How to Spend Your Free Time During the Pandemic


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2020 has been an odd year. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has had countless knock-on effects on our day to day lives. From health concerns to financial concerns to sheer boredom. Now, we can definitely help you to tackle the latter. Now, many of us have fewer things we can do right now due to government restrictions and guidelines that have been implemented to slow the spread of the virus around the world. Many of us can’t mix households. Many of us are now working from home. Many of us are having to isolate in our homes for extended periods of time if we exhibit any symptoms. So, let us give you a few suggestions on how to spend your time so that you’re still doing things you enjoy in spite of the pandemic!

Find Blogs and Podcasts You Enjoy

Nowadays, we’re pretty lucky that there’s a world of free content out there that can be easily accessed from our phones, laptops, or computers, as long as we have some sort of internet connection. This means that during times like now, when money can be a little tight and there’s not much we can do outside our homes, we can still easily occupy ourselves without worrying about how we’re going to pay the bills or whether we’re going to come into contact with strangers while we do the things we enjoy. Some of the most popular and widely tuned into free content out there tend to be blogs and podcasts. Blogs provide free reading material and think pieces on a matter of topics, or specialism into specific industries and fields. You can be entertained by them. You can see yourself learning a lot. You can start to think about things you haven’t thought of before. Look into areas you’re interested in and find relevant blogs for content that will entertain you. If you’re into performing arts, for example, check out Travis Preston CalArts blog. Podcasts can provide you with all of the same things that a blog can but tend to be a little more easy listening. Again, scout out podcasts specializing in the things you’re interested in!

Find a Hobby

Many people are finding all sorts of new hobbies and interests throughout this pandemic. Sure, your new hobby is unlikely to get you out of the house or have a particularly social element to it. But there are countless things you can still do under new restrictions and our new way of living. You could get into baking. You could pick up arts and crafts projects like knitting, embroidery, or painting. You could learn a new language with learning apps. The possibilities really are endless. All you need to do is sit down and think of things you enjoy doing and then take them a little more seriously. Then, go for it. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back! Nobody is perfect at anything at first. You just need a little trial, error, and experimentation. Then, practice will get you along the way!

These are just a few suggestions for things to do during the pandemic. Hopefully, they’ll help to occupy some of your time and alleviate a little boredom!


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