Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How to Make Easter Special for Your Kids

In addition to Christmas and Halloween, Easter is a favorite holiday for adults and children alike. It is not only a hugely important date in the Christian calendar, and for lots of people, it marks the beginning of spring and a celebration of new life. After several months of winter, the milder weather and longer days make everything seem brighter. Of course, for children, Easter is also a time for chocolatey treats, but it can also be a time of great fun. This guide includes some ideas to help you make Easter even more special for your kids this year.

Get crafting

Easter provides wonderful inspiration for crafting projects, and there are plenty of ways to get stuck in, from creating handmade Easter cards and decorations to decorating eggshells. Stock up on paint, glue, glitter, crayons, stickers, and gems and let their imagination run wild. Click here for Easter craft ideas for kids.

Personalize their egg hunt

The egg hunt is often the highlight of the Easter holiday for children, but you may be able to take the fun even further this year. A great idea is to have more than one hunt. When the kids wake up in the morning, tell them that you (or the Easter bunny) have hidden a personalised Easter box somewhere in the house or garden and give them a series of clues to help them find it. When they have found their own Easter box, you can set up the next hunt for chocolate eggs. Of course, you do not necessarily have to make the hunt all about chocolate – why not hide some new toys too?

Make it fair

If you have more than one child taking part in the hunt, you might want to take steps to ensure that the treats are distributed evenly. When one child is older and faster, knows the area better, or is simply more competitive, you may find that they end up with more than their fair share. Instead, consider color-coding the eggs, labeling the toys, and telling the kids they are only allowed to hunt for their own. This is also a good tactic if the kids are of different ages, as you can choose age-appropriate hiding spaces. Of course, if you want to retain some of the competition, you could hide one special egg, representing a special prize for the child who finds it. 

Create a trail of Easter bunny prints

Younger children who still believe in the magic of the Easter bunny will love waking up to find Easter bunny footprints around the house or outside. You can do this easily using some powdered sugar or flour and a template. 

Relax your candy policy…but not too much

One of the best parts of Easter is the mountains of chocolate and sweet treats, and once a year, it does no harm to let your children indulge themselves, so try not to be too strict about their diet for the day. On the other hand, tummy aches are no fun for anyone, so keep an eye on how much they are munching their way through and consider setting some boundaries or rules. Finally, make sure everyone gives their teeth an extra good clean before bed.

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