Wednesday, March 10, 2021

3 things you can do to make a difference in 2021

 After the past 12 months, more people than ever are looking for new and interesting ways to

make 2021 count. Sometimes this can be achieving a long-term goal, other times it can be

doing something that makes you feel like you’ve just made the world you live in a better

place. No matter what it may be, most people feel as though they have wasted their time,

even if they have achieved something great. But how do you stop this feeling from


The best answer is to have the right mindset. Think about all of the little things that you’ve

done that count as an achievement for you. If you struggle in the mornings and haven’t been

late to work any day this month, that’s an achievement. If you’ve eaten healthier, saved up

more money, done more exercise, anything like that, they are all achievements. 

The best way to make any period of time feel rewarding, and like it hasn’t been a total waste,

is to take note of every little achievement. You’ll notice how everything adds up to make

something better, an improvement on what you have done before. If it’s the same as the last

time, at least you haven’t gotten any worse. Even if things did not go as planned, that’s ok

too - you can see what you need to improve on. 

Here are three ways you can make your year feel more rewarding, whether it be doing

something good for others or something to help you improve yourself. 

#1 Go for a long weekend away

Going for a long weekend away might be the perfect reward for you to indulge in. It will not

only help you get away from it all and find a place of rest, but it will also make you feel

rewarded. You can go alone or with friends or family, whatever makes you happiest. You

can relax and feel like you’ve made this time count. Not only this, you can go and see areas

you might not have seen before either in your local region or maybe slightly further afield. 

#2 Help a good cause in your local area

Volunteering or looking for ways to donate money to charities and thrift shops can be a great

way to make this month feel like it’s been a good one. Whether it be your local scout hut that

might be struggling due to the pandemic, or more international causes such as the Red

Cross, or even volunteering for the gardeners club to help make your local spaces greener,

you can do anything that will make it worth the effort, and help out someone else.

#3 Set more goals

Setting more goals will help you look into the future, not dwell on the past.

It can help you aim higher and improve yourself, as well as giving you something to look

forward to or helping to break a bad habit. Setting more goals is a great way to give you a

productive mindset, too.