Thursday, June 24, 2021

Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms

All Moms feel like they could make use of a few extra hours in the day, at least occasionally. Most of us have packed to-do lists and too much to do. While we can add hours to our day, we can try some clever tips and tricks to save ourselves some time. Try some of these ideas to claw back some precious time for yourself to keep you happy

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Keep Spare Trash Bags In Your Trash Cans

Instead of having to search for a clean trash bag when you’ve emptied the trash can, keep a few spares in the bottom of the can. This trick makes an annoying job a little bit easier and saves you a little bit of time. 

Turn Clothes Right Side Out When Changing

When you’re doing the laundry, it’s annoying when you have to stop and sort out a shirt that is inside out, or scrabble around trying to pull out a sleeve or a pant leg that has been shoved inside the piece of clothing. 

If you can get in the habit of turning your clothes the right side out when you get changed, and persuade the family to do the same, you can make the laundry go faster. You can even straighten the clothes out as you’re carrying them to the hamper so there’s no time wasted at all. 

Keep An Ongoing Shopping List

Always keep a shopping list on the go, whether on a notepad, whiteboard on the fridge, on your phone, or in an online shopping basket. As soon as someone uses up the last of the milk or the ketchup, they’re responsible for writing it on the shopping list. 

This is a good way to cut out having to make an emergency rush to the grocery store because you’ve run out of something important. It will also save you time when you need to shop, as your list will be mostly ready to go. 

You can save even more time by doing your groceries online. You can even order other essentials online, like medicines and painkillers, through Simple Online Pharmacy.

Make A Donation Box

Put out an empty box. Whenever you find something you don’t need, put it in the box. Whenever you know you’ll be passing a thrift store, you can drop the box off and declutter quickly and easily, with minimal effort. 

Cook Once, Eat Twice

Double up on your favorite recipes. You can eat the same thing a couple of times a week, or put the extra portion in the freezer for an easy dinner another week. 

Do this with ingredients too. When you cook chicken for one recipe, cook extra, dice it, and then freeze it to use in something else, like a soup. If you’re frying hamburger meat for tacos, add extra and once you’ve browned it, freeze it to make meal prep another day faster and easier. 

Have A Home For Everything

Try to live by the old saying, ‘'a place for everything and everything in its place". If everything has a home to go back to, it can be a huge time saver. If everything goes back in the same place, you won’t have to waste time searching for your car keys or for a hair clip, or whatever else you need. You’ll already know where they are. 

Deal With Mail Straight Away

Instead of looking at the mail and then dumping it on the kitchen table to deal with it later, take care of it straight away. Toss out any junk mail, open and file any bills, and put magazines they should go. You’ll keep the house tidier, and save time by only dealing with your bills once instead of several times. 

Rinse And Soak Your Dishes

Nobody has the time to stand at the sink scrubbing dishes that have stuck-on food. When you finish using a bowl, spatula, or mug, get in the habit of giving whatever you’ve used a quick rinse before you add it to the stack of dirty dishes waiting to be washed. 

Put the dishes in the sink, then whenever you use the water for something else, the extra water will collect in the dirty dishes and allow them to soak, which means they will be easier to wash up. 

Never Leave A Room Empty-Handed

When you leave the room, grab something that needs to be put away in the room you’re heading to. This saves time and helps to keep the house in order. If you’re heading upstairs, take up a pair of shoes or clean towels from the laundry that needs to go away up there.


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