Thursday, July 1, 2021

4 Signs You’re Ready to Date After a Divorce

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Divorce can be a truly emotional thing to go through, and it is definitely going to have an impact on you both in the short-term and even in the longer term too. However, no matter the circumstances that meant that your divorce came about or how it made you feel, remember that one day you will feel ready to meet someone new and move on.  

But when will this happen? When will you know? To help you figure this out, I have put together four signs that you may be ready to date after being divorced.  

1. You don’t feel bitter anymore 

There will be a lot of anger and bitterness after a divorce, even if it was a mutual decision. However, these strong and negative emotions can make it hard to move on and meet someone new. If you have noticed that you don’t feel quite so intensely for your ex anymore and there is no resentment there, then you are getting yourself even closer to moving on.  

2. You feel like you found yourself again 

Many people say that they start to lose themselves during a bad marriage and also a divorce too. One sign that you are ready to move on and try to find new love, whether on Tinder, via gay chatline meetings, or in person, is that you feel like yourself all over again.  

Reclaiming who you are and recognizing your old self (or a new version of your old self) is a sure-fire sign that you are ready to allow someone else into that person’s life.  

3. There is no guilt 

Even if you were ready to divorce and move on, there is still a chance there might be some residual feelings of guilt when you think about finding new love. This is normal in those early stages, but these feelings will fade over time, and you won’t feel guilty anymore.  

Once those feelings of guilt disappear, then the time has come to start dating again.  

4. You are happy alone 

Being alone is not something that many will want to have to cope with in the long term. But, if you feel happy with being by yourself or feel comfortable in your own company, this will help with your dating. 

We know that it sounds strange, but if you are unhappy being alone, then this means that you will be somewhat desperate to meet someone, which is not something that other people are going to see attractive. Or it could attract the wrong kind of person.  

Only you will know when you are ready to date after a divorce. However, if you are not sure what the signs are, then hopefully, this blog post has helped you. It might be scary to think that you are ready to move on and meet someone new but try not to put too much pressure on yourself. 

Instead, take the time to look around, to try out the different dating platforms, and to just experience what it feels like dating again after some time out of the game. 

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