Tuesday, July 27, 2021

4 Tips to Help Kids Ignite Their Confidence

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You might be a busy mom, but if one thing is certain, you'll always have time for your kids. As you watch them grow, you are always happy to help them with homework, take them to and from activities, or offer advice when they need it. However, as your kids grow up, they might struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues, so how can you help them ignite this to achieve theory potential?

Model Confidence to Them 

No matter who you are, your kids will always look at you like you are a real-life superhero, at least until puberty hits and they enter the moody teenage years (they will come back around, though). If you model confidence as your kids are growing up, they will feel more comfortable in who they are. There is a line, of course. Some kids are more reserved than others, so you should understand their level. Don’t be aggressive in forcing them to do things or open up. Let them do it naturally, but still demonstrate how a little confidence could benefit them. 

Get Them to Help Around the House

Getting your kids to help around the house by doing the dishes, cleaning their room, and even knowing how to repair clothes gives them valuable life skills. This is ideal when preparing your kids for when they leave home, whether moving out entirely or going to college. When they leave, they will feel confident that they can do anything, which will encourage them to take charge of situations when others are reluctant. The more they know and the better you prepare them, the more belief they will have in their abilities. 

Encourage Them to Try Different Things 

Confidence will not come from sitting in front of the TV or computer all day long. Parents that give their kids the tools to try new things can produce the most confident people in any room. They don’t need to stick to everything they try, but fostering a curious can-do mindset will give them the opportunity to meet other people and try something. From here, kids will learn what they are good at and they will develop important social skills that keep them from being the wallflower at every social event. 

Teach Them That Perfection Is Not Possible 

Too many kids get swept up in the idea of achieving perfection. It takes time to realize that perfection is not possible no matter who you are, and you can accelerate this by teaching your kids not to beat themselves up by not being perfect. Despite this, there are things they can explore to become their ideal person, rather than anyone else’s. Whether they want to straighten teeth with clear braces rather than metal ones or learn how to persevere when things get tough, they will soon become comfortable with who they want to be, perfection or not. 


Every parent wants their child to be confident at school, with friends, and during activities. If you feel your child is yet to reach their confidence potential, consider how you can help them achieve this. You don’t need to hold their hand, but you can give them a nudge in the right direction.

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