Wednesday, August 25, 2021

How to Reset for Fall

As I scrolled through Instagram and Facebook the other day, I noticed that so many of my friends and family members are really excited about the approaching fall season. I’m right there with you! I’m excited for the cooler weather, the fun activities (apple picking, pumpkin carving, and more!), and of course, I feel like the change of a season also comes with a fresh start, that I’m really excited about. Goals have been harder to keep over the past year and people have instead been met with stress and maybe some anxious thoughts and feelings, instead. Although you cannot avoid stress, you can try your best to take charge of your life and make a change for the better. Don’t procrastinate - start during this new season, which will give you a fresh start! Here are a few ways to reset for fall, and prep for new goals, or new changes that will make you better in every way:

Refresh your goals

The beginning of fall means that the year is three-quarters of the way through (how is time flying by so quickly??), making it a perfect time to check in with the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Even if you’re not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, fall is still a great time to take a look at where you are, reflect, and assess or reassess. If you’re not on track to complete a goal (or goals), take a step back to really think about why you’re not on track. Are you not doing something you should be doing? If so, create a plan as to how you will course correct in the fall and winter. Also, be sure to ask yourself: Is this goal still relevant to you? Do you still really want to do this? Don’t be afraid to amend your goals. It’s not always about completing a goal for the sake of completion. Sometimes our circumstances change, or our beliefs, and that specific goal doesn’t make as much sense as it did six months ago. What is important is that you’re acting in a way that reflects your personal values. Don’t think of it as failing, think of it as refreshing your goals.

How’s your budget?

How’s your budget doing? The fall is the perfect time to look over your finances if you haven’t done so recently. I know it sounds crazy, but the holidays will sneak up on us soon. As fun as the holidays are, they can be very expensive. You can prepare for the extra spending with a little fall planning. If you’re not on a budget, make a plan to get back on track. Once you’ve assessed your budget, list out the holiday expenses you anticipate, i.e. travel, gifts, parties, etc., and estimate the total costs. After you’ve figured out how much you will spend, figure out where you will cut back in the fall months to make sure you are staying within your budget. It sounds early, but you will be thanking yourself in January. 

Deep clean your home

Throughout the summer, I am always on the go. With all of the vacations, yard work, time spent with family, spending as much time outside as possible to soak up the last drop of sun, my house gets forgotten about, especially the inside. Everyone always talks about “spring cleaning”, but personally, I love the fall time when it comes to really cleaning out my house. Go through your closets and get rid of any spring/summer clothes you did not wear this year. Take a look at your winter stuff too, especially coats, and donate the stuff you know you won’t wear this year. (The fall is a perfect time to donate winter attire to a local nonprofit serving people experiencing homelessness.) Then, organize your winter gear to make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Also, get a basket for each member of your family to store their hats, gloves, etc. It will be so helpful to just grab and go! While you are deep cleaning and decluttering, do not forget about your furniture! If you are cleaning it, make sure to move it and get behind beds and couches. You can also remove the cushions and vacuum out the inside of your couches. If you need to get rid of some furniture, call a company to help with that, such as College Dudes Help U Move. They can help with Charlotte furniture moving, no matter if you are just moving things around to make your layout better, or if you are removing large furniture items from your home. These local moving experts can help with (obviously) furniture moving, but also residential and commercial moving too! When you hire them, you will get the safest and most prompt moving services in NC, according to their website. Your items are in safe hands with them and plus, your stress will be much lower, too.

While these are just three ways to reset for fall, this will give you a start when it comes to making sure you are mentally refreshed for the new season!

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