Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Third Trimester Hassle: 6 Fun Things To Do To Prepare Yourself for Delivery

The third trimester is the most exciting pregnancy time, but it can also be the most frustrating. Your baby will soon be here, and you're getting big! So if you are feeling frustrated with your growing body or need a break from being pregnant for a bit, take a look at these six fun things to do during this final stretch that may help prepare yourself for delivery.


Go for Every Beauty Appointment

It's easy to forget about the beauty appointments you need during pregnancy. They're just so many, and it feels like there are never enough hours in a day! 

But taking care of your skin is essential, especially as you get closer to delivery when hormones will change and cause an increase in acne or other breakouts. You'll also want to book any non-invasive treatments now before the baby makes everything too difficult for travel.

So, no matter if you're going for a massage or facial to release tension in your muscles and increase blood flow, an appointment with your stylist to get that perfect haircut before baby's here, or to get those nails done now - book them! You'll be so happy you did.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Pack your hospital bag as soon as you can. Put in the clothes you want to wear after delivery, a toothbrush and toothpaste, any toiletries or other supplies of yours with strict security requirements. If possible, pack your phone charger too. Pack snacks for yourself if it's difficult for someone else to get food while at the hospital with you, such as juice boxes or cereal bars.

You'll need things to entertain yourself. You may also find it helpful to bring an extra set of sheets and pillowcases from home just in case they're not available at the hospital; this is especially important for those with babies who have eczema or allergies. 

Finally, pack your birth plan in the bag and any paperwork you need for the baby's social security card, insurance cards, and any other essentials.

Have a Baby Shower

A baby shower and a gender reveal are parties that typically occur in the third trimester of pregnancy. The mother-to-be and her friends or family members throw it traditionally to celebrate the pending birth and new arrival. 

Typical planning for a gender reveal party includes information about when and where the event will be, who's invited, what they should wear if appropriate, food needed, gift ideas for mommy, and clothes for the little one(s) before their arrival home from the hospital. 

Sometimes there are games at showers such as "guess how many jelly beans" or bingo cards with different prizes on each card. It can also include other traditional events like breaking open packs of diapers to reveal the gender or guessing a baby's weight.

A popular thing for guests at showers is to bring gifts in place of attending, but sometimes people are instructed not to bring anything because everything has been taken care of. 

The average number of attendees at a shower is 12-14 people, and they usually last an hour or two hours, depending on the games and food available. 

Install a Car Seat

First, you'll need to find out what type of car seat your baby will need. If you don't already have a car seat for the newborn stage and are looking for one before this due date, check with friends or family members who may still be using theirs. You can buy new ones at any major retail store that sells furniture. With installation in mind, when shopping around, try to look for seats with side-impact protection and those approved by the proper authority. 

Find a Pediatrician

A pediatrician is an important person to look for when you're pregnant. They can provide recommendations about the safety of your pregnancy, any changes that will happen in the baby's development, and what type of care they'll need after birth. There are many different types of pediatricians- general pediatrics or a specialist like neonatology (newborn care).

It doesn't matter if this appointment might be premature due to how early you are in your third trimester because no doctor will see you until at least 34 weeks into the pregnancy anyway. So this meeting with them could potentially save time and money by advising before labor starts! Finding one as soon as possible is also vital as babies under two months old should not travel more than two hours away from their doctors.

How To Use Your Baby Stroller, and Wrapper

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of strollers: the umbrella and the smaller type, and then there's the more common full-size stroller for bigger kids. If this will be your toddler's primary mode of transport, buy one big enough so they can grow into it.

If you're having twins, think about getting a toddler double jogger which fits both babies in front of each other. Of course, you'll want extra large storage underneath for all their stuff--and get an adapter kit if you have only one car seat carrier because otherwise, once the second baby is born, you'll need to buy another car seat.

Learning how to use the stroller and rubber can be fun--and it's also an excellent way for you to bond with your toddler.


The key takeaway from this piece is that pregnancy can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but don't let all the physical changes get you down; enjoy every moment because soon enough, they'll be gone forever. It is also essential to prepare for your third trimester. It can give you peace of mind and help take care of any loose ends before the baby arrives.

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