Saturday, February 5, 2022

5 Steps to Take After a Proposal

If your partner has recently popped the question, you might wonder about the best actions to take after saying yes. While you might want to shout about your engagement from the rooftops, you must tell different people at the right time to avoid upset.

Also, you must ensure you don’t rush the experience and make the most of your engagement. You will look back on the moment with fondness and zero regrets. Here are the five steps to take after a proposal.

Call Your Nearest and Dearest

Despite feeling eager to show your ring off to the world on social media, you must call your nearest and dearest first. Instagram can wait until you’ve informed your parents, siblings, best friends, and close family members of your engagement.

If a loved one hears about your engagement on social media, you can trust they will feel hurt, and they might not be afraid to express their upset. Give those closest to you the respect of learning about your engagement before announcing it to acquaintances and strangers online. 

Book a Manicure

After informing your loved ones of your engagement, book a manicure to take some beautiful snaps of your ring. Your nails will appear clean and shaped when snapping photos of your hand or showing off your rock to loved ones. It will ensure everyone focuses on the ring’s beautiful design and not your chipped nail varnish.


Once you have shared the wonderful news with your loved ones, it’s time to celebrate. Plan an engagement party to allow others to share in your joy or organize a dinner with family and friends from both sides. It will provide the perfect opportunity to toast your engagement with the closest people in your lives, and the gathering is bound to make you feel excited for your big day.

Discuss Your Wedding Goals Together

You and your partner must be on the same page when it comes to your wedding. After your engagement celebrations, sit down with your other half to discuss your goals together. For example, you’ll need to decide if you want to exchange vows at home or abroad, marry in a church or another destination, or walk down the aisle during a specific season.

Understanding each other’s wants and needs will prevent you from getting ahead of yourself when imagining your big day. You can then start researching venues, vendors, and clothing that matches both your goals. For example, if you both love the idea of a Christmas wedding, you can start researching the best winter wedding dresses.

Don’t Rush into Wedding Planning

Don’t rush into planning your wedding right away. Take a week or two to allow the news to sink in and enjoy the moment with your husband or wife to be. Make the most of your engagement by booking a romantic weekend break, celebrating together at a high-end restaurant, or spending time chatting about the proposal and upcoming nuptials. Once the engagement feels real, and you’re ready, you should start the wedding planning process.


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