Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Stay Healthy and Happy This Winter


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Winter is always a tough time for general health and wellbeing. A lot of people end up getting more colds and viruses than they do at other times of the year, and many individuals suffer mental health issues relating to the drop in sunlight. This winter, we also have the coronavirus pandemic to deal with, which means that it’s even more important that we all do whatever we can to stay happy and healthy as the nights grow longer and the weather takes a colder turn.

With that in mind, here are a few simple things you can do to boost your health this coming winter:

Practice social distancing

It may not be ideal, but practicing social distancing as far as is practically possible will be really important this winter. It will help to slow the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses such as winter colds and flu for the whole population, and it will also lower your own personal risk of getting sick too.

Wear a mask

Face masks are here to stay and that is no bad thing in the wintertime. Again, they will help to slow the spread of a whole host of bugs and viruses that could make you feel very unwell. Wear one whenever you’re likely to come into close contact with other people and help to protect us all.

Wash your hands

Washing your hands regularly is another simple measure you can take to cut down your chances of getting colds, flu, or coronavirus this winter. As well as washing after using the bathroom and before meals, try to wah each time you come into contact with other people, touch objects outside of your home or...well you know the drill.

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Take a vitamin D supplement

If you live in a part of the world that doesn’t see much sunlight in the heart of winter, it’s a really good idea to supplement your vitamin D intake with a high-quality vitamin pill. Vitamin D deficiency is a really big issue in winter and it can cause a range of health conditions including Seasonal Affective Disorder which can be terrible for mental health, fatigue, muscle pain, and even an increased risk of brittle or broken bones, which isn’t ideal in winter when conditions can get icy and slips and trips are more likely to occur.

Boost your fruit and vegetable intake

Eating more fruit and vegetables is important for your health at all times of the year, but particularly so in wintertime when having a decent immune system is even more important for fighting off those winter bugs. Ideally, you should aim to eat between 7 and 9 portions of fruit and vegetable each day, maximizing the number of different nutrients you take in. leafy greens and red or purple fruits and veg are particularly rich in immune-boosting vitamins and minerals, but anything is better than nothing, so it’s fine to have your favorites as long as you are eating a variety.

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Get out and walk

Walking may not seem like the ideal winter pastime, but it’s a great way to get a little exercise, plenty of fresh air, and hopefully, a little sun which will help with boosting vitamin D levels, maintaining good physical health, and boosting your mental health too, In fact, walking has been shown to be one of the best things you can do for your mental health, especially if you walk in nature. It calms your nervous system, reduces anxieties, and helps you to feel more positive about life in general. A daily walk really is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Reach out to others

With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting us all and the cold weather that winter brings, it could be tempting to lock yourself indoors and hide away from the world, but that isn’t going to do your mental health much good. We all need social connection to feel happy, healthy, and content, so this winter, make time for other people, even if you are only able to video call them. Make covid-safe plans to see friends and family over the holidays, join in regular Zoom chats and online quizzes, talk to your counselor, or do whatever you need to do to have some meaningful connection with other human beings.

Get vaccinated

Getting the flu vaccination, if you are able to do so, is probably a good idea this winter, even if you haven’t bothered before. Getting sick right now really isn’t ideal (not that it ever is) due to the coronavirus pandemic and the extra strain that hospitals and healthcare professionals are under. The flu shot is cheap, effective, and will mean that you have one less thing to worry about healthwise.

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Eat more omega-3

Eating foods that contain omega-3, such as oily fish, nuts, and seeds, or taking an omega-3 supplement is a good idea if you’re prone to seasonal depression in the wintertime. Not only will it boost your brain health and improve your mood, but it’s also great at tackling inflammation, which could be good if the cold tends to affect your joints, making them stiffer and more painful than usual.

Be careful when you’re out and about

If the place where you live tends to see a lot of extreme weather in the winter, it’s really important that you take whatever safety measures you can when you’re out and about. Whether that means having a winter inspection for your car or ensuring that you wear the best footwear to avoid slipping in the ice, make sure you are as safe as you can be. Accidents are more likely to happen when the poor winter weather and darker nights are a factor5 and right now, the last thing you need is a broken bone and a stay in hospital.

You should make looking after your health a priority this winter due to everything that’s going on in the world, and because you deserve to have the best possible holiday season you can manage in 2020. Stay safe out there.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

4 Quick Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

 Research has shown that most people think moving is more stressful than going through a divorce. And yet, most people end up moving several times throughout their lives. It’s simply a part of life whether you’re relocating for a job, need a bigger place, or you want to be closer to family. 

We’ve talked before about some of the struggles with moving, like making a move with kids. But, what can you do to make the experience better for everyone, and have to deal with less stress through the entire process? 

Let’s look at a few tips that can make moving more manageable and less stressful for the whole family. 


1. Don’t Rush

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is not giving themselves enough time. Moving isn’t a decision to take lightly, so make sure you plan it out in advance as much as possible. 

When you don’t feel rushed to pack boxes, sell your current home, go house hunting, or move your vehicle across the country, you’re less likely to become overwhelmed by stress. Go at your own pace, and you’ll end up feeling much happier. 

2. Start Small

If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by your endless “to-do” list when it comes to moving, start with the smallest things first. Looking at a big project like packing a whole room or filling up a moving van can contribute to your stress levels. 

Instead, break down the things you need to do into smaller, manageable goals. You’ll feel less overwhelmed, more motivated, and before long you will be able to move on to those larger tasks easily. 

3. Ask For Help

Whether you work with professional movers or you get your friends and family to help you, moving isn’t something you should do on your own. It is a long, hard process. You might be surprised at how happy and willing the people in your life are to help you out! So, it isn’t the time to be tough and stubborn when you’re moving. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to make the process go faster. 

4. Take Care of Yourself

When you’re moving, you might not be focusing on your overall health and wellbeing. But, self-care is incredibly important during a move to avoid feeling burnt out and stressed. 

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night, eating well during the day, and finding time to do things you enjoy even when you’re knee-deep in the moving process. By actively taking care of yourself, you’ll have more energy to get things done, you’ll feel less fatigued, and you will be able to stay focused on your to-do list without feeling bogged down by it. 

Moving might always be a somewhat stressful experience. But, it doesn’t have to completely overwhelm you. Keep these tips in mind, whether you’re moving on your own or with your family, and you’ll be able to enjoy a much more relaxed, positive experience as you start on the next chapter of your life.

Monday, October 12, 2020

4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy Every Day

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We all want to be happy, but this is easier said than done, mostly because everybody has different definitions of happiness. For some, it’s all about making money and living comfortably, whereas others might prefer the type of joy that experiences bring. Of course, these ideas are not easy to get immediately, and if you want to ensure you feel happy every day, you need to think smaller. 

Do Something Nice For You

A lot of people spend time trying to do things for others as a way to make them happy. While this is an admirable trait, you can’t focus solely on other people to find your happiness. You need to look at yourself, too. 

So how can you be nice to yourself? You can consider little things, like treating yourself to your favorite coffee in the morning rather than going for a simple Americano or Latte. Besides this, think about small wins that improve your mood, such as watching your favorite TV show or finishing the book you’ve been stuck on for months. 

Pick Your Battles 

Everyone will need to deal with negative people at some point in their lives, which can have a detrimental effect on our happiness. While you can’t make other people friendly to you, it is still possible to pick your battles so that any confrontation does not ruin your day. 

You can usually tell when someone will be demanding from the beginning, so if you recognize these traits in a customer or even a friend, try to be the bigger person so you will refuse to allow it to get to you. 

Help Someone Else 

Helping other people will immediately improve your mood. It’s a fantastic feeling when you assist someone, whether it’s holding the door open for them or helping them pack their groceries into the trunk. However, you might not get the chance to do this every day. 

A career where you’re responsible for helping others is a superb option to experience that rush daily. You can consider jobs in the medical field, such as occupational therapy, that you can find out more about to see if it’s right for you. Other occupations include teaching or conservation work, but you can also volunteer if you’re happy with your current job. 

Put Health First 

Living a busy life means you often forget about your health. You feel too busy to go to the gym, head outside for a run or walk, or even eat a healthy meal. However, the more you focus on your health, the happier you will be. 

By doing so, you’ll have more energy, and your positivity will shine through. Putting health first also means you won’t worry about potential health issues, which will reduce stress and anxiety so you can live your life with fewer worries. 

Happy Times

Everyone finds happiness in different ways, but with these tips, you should achieve the fundamentals of happiness. From here, you’ll be able to look at other, more long-term things that make you happy, and you’ll always find something that brings a smile to your face.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

These Tips will Help you to Create your Own Relaxing Space

If you want to make sure that you have the most relaxing space in your home, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to make sure that you are making the most out of your space and that you are also able to unwind effectively after a long day.

Define your Space

Your meditation area should ultimately be a place that is off-limits and quiet to everybody else. When you are in your calming space, your spouse, your kids, and your friends should all know better than to come to you. Your space also needs to be void from any distractions and it also needs to be away from any high-traffic areas. If you know that you don’t have something like a spare bedroom available, then try and look for another space that you can convert. This could be an attic, a patio, or even a corner in the basement. Your space should be personal, and when you have your space, you can then focus on making it the best that it can be.

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Zero Distractions

Your space should be free from any phones. You should also make sure that there are no smartphones, tablets, or anything else either. At the end of the day, this is a time for you to ponder, reflect, and even journal if you want. You don’t need any distractions when you are trying to recharge, as this is your zen space only. If you find that doing something helps you to relax then there is nothing wrong with this at all. Get some puzzle books or even try your hand at sudoku. Click to learn more about that.


Your meditation space should really be a place where you can ultimately feel comfortable. If you know that you enjoy having natural light in your space, then try and choose a place where there is a window as this will help you to have the best experience. If you know that you much prefer dimly lit areas then try and find somewhere you can achieve this setting. Adding candles or other forms of light can also add atmosphere, so keep that in mind.


Aromatherapy can be a fantastic way for you to try and promote relaxation. Essential oils really are all the rage these days, so look into ones such as lavender, peppermint, orange, and more. These are all very soothing and calming. It will also bring your zen zone to life.

Add some Music

There’s something special about music. Music gives your happy hormones a boost and it is also ideal if you want to try and drown out some background noise while you meditate. Instrumental music or even white noise apps are all ideal here as it will help you to revitalize your soul. You don’t need an app to play music if you don’t want, as you can easily go onto YouTube and look up sounds such as thunder, birds chirping, or anything else of the sort.

Monday, September 28, 2020

6 Top Tips to Pick a Magical Bedroom Design


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Your bedroom should be your private getaway from everything happening in the world and the craziness of everyday life. Redesigning this essential space for yourself is not the least challenging project, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important ones. Indeed, it started to seem like the current travel restrictions and social distancing measures will not leave us anytime soon. 

So, preparing for a winter of safe isolation, self-love, deep relaxation, and comfort is essential. If you are currently looking for inspiration for your upcoming bedroom redesign, here are six simple steps to give you a headstart on your project. 

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is not a new trend or mindset, but it seems to have been becoming more popular in recent years. Indeed, we all look up at the classy, clean-looking, sophisticated interiors of Scandinavian bedrooms! Luckily, the subtle colors, the natural elements, and the simple yet elegant design of this style are easily re-creatable. 

By embracing minimalism, you can spend less on your bedroom's redesign and enjoy a deeper feeling of freedom. Indeed, this movement allows you to concentrate your colic on a few high-quality furniture items that matter to you and make you happy. At the same time, you can do something amazing by not buying in the fast-fashion trends that are so harmful to the environment!

Pick a Design That Makes It Easier to Clean

Clutter and disorganization is the number-one enemy of productivity and relaxation. Indeed, it has been seen that our brain has to work twice as hard to cut out the distractions in the background and focus on what matters. However, when it comes down to finding a little relaxation in your own bedroom, clutter can work against you. Indeed, it can raise stress levels and cause you to remain more alert than you would want to!

Picking a simple design with just a few high-quality, stylish furniture pieces can help you create a room that is easy to clean and enjoy. Of course, since you will be investing in just a limited number of items or a set, finding out more information and asking for a professional designer's help might be a solution to consider. 

Bring Nature In With Thoughtful Details

Living a step closer to nature can be an excellent way to look after your physical and mental wellbeing. Indeed, it encourages us all to be more active, healthy, and relaxed in our daily lives. Yet, we all tend to spend the majority of our lives indoors, either at home or at our workplace. During the last few months, this has become evident!

So, one of the few ways to regain that strong connection with nature is to bring it indoors! You can easily do so by introducing house plants and natural elements in your bedroom, such as wooden furniture, natural fibers, and neutral colors that remind you of nature. 

Invest in High-Quality Linens

Redesigning a bedroom is all about introducing details that can enhance its comfort. And, nothing is ever as comfortable and pleasant on our skin as luxurious, high-quality linen! These can create a unique look for your bed and can save you from skin irritation and other conditions. Investing in a linen set that is a little more sophisticated can pay you back in higher sleep quality and better rest! If you are not an expert, you can use one general rule: avoid anything that has synthetic fibers and opt for a thread count above 150!

Put an Accent on Exclusive Lighting

Lighting is essential in your room, especially because you are more likely to spend time there at nighttime or during rainy afternoons! Wo, whether you prefer to read, listen to music, or watch your favorite Netflix show here, you will need lighting. However, the lighting system's aim in your room should not be the one to light up the room entirely. 

Indeed, this might add strain to your eyes and make the whole room feel uncomfortable and not relaxing. Instead, add several task lights next to your bed and the room's entrance. Plus, you might consider adding light points in the corners where you need it the most, such as around the mirror or next to the wardrobe. If you can opt for dimmable light and natural light temperature, you will be able to enjoy the best results!

Keep Distractions Out

Your bedroom should be a personal and private retreat for you and your other half. Keeping all tech, gadgets, and distractions out can help you relax and enjoy the things you don't have time for during the day. For example, decide to keep your TV only in the living room and, if possible, keep your phone out too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

5 Tips to Declutter Your Home and Get Back the Space


Does it feel like your home is getting smaller and smaller with each passing day? Would you swear the walls must be closing in because what once felt like a spacious space now feels tight and completely unorganized? Of course, your home isn’t shrinking, but your feelings of not having enough space are also completely legitimate. The answer could actually be very simple – the clutter has taken over.

Clutter is something that tends to build slowly and over time, so you don’t really notice it at the moment. Instead, it spreads and eventually takes over your entire home and before you know it, you feel as though you’ve got no room to store things and move about. Not to worry, as we’ve got five simple ways to go ahead and declutter your home.

Take Things One Room at a Time

The first tip is to create a decluttering plan if you will. Rather than tackle the whole house at once, which is overwhelming and frankly unorganized, you want to take things one room at a time. Tell yourself this is going to be a process and it’s going to take time. 

By decluttering one room at a time, you’ll probably feel less overwhelmed, you’ll do a more thorough job, and you can spread it out over a few weeks to make it less tiring.

Make Three Piles for Each Room You Declutter

Once you are ready to tackle the first room, you'll want to begin by creating three piles. These piles should be labeled ‘keep’, ‘give away/sell’, or ‘throw-away’. This will help you to sort out what’s staying in the house and what’s leaving. 

Be Honest with Yourself as You Sort Through Items

One of the toughest parts about decluttering is being honest with yourself. It’s much easier to just keep everything, as parting with items isn’t exactly easy. It can be helpful to ask yourself the last time you wore or used the item, if it serves a specific and important purpose, and if you will even miss it.

Ensure Everything Has a Proper Place

As you start to put items away after you have finished sorting, the goal should be to find a proper place for everything. Nothing should be sitting out without a home. If the item doesn’t have a proper place you will either need more storage, or you may need to get rid of that item.

Rent a Storage Unit

If you simply cannot make enough space in your home but you're not willing to permanently part with items, you may want to look into storage unit options to store your extra stuff. All your belongings will be kept safe and secure, there’s no need to sell or give away items, and you can then start to make real substantial space in your home again.

Enjoy a Spacious Feeling Home

Creating space in your home and decluttering requires a certain degree of cutthroat thinking. It’s not always hard to get rid of items but keep your end goal in mind - creating a more livable and more organized space.

Keeping Yourself And Your Home Safe In And Out Of The Home

 When it comes to our safety, it should be one of our top priorities. But yet, many of us don’t do all that we can to ensure that we keep ourselves safe in and out of the home. There are a few things that you can do such as using technology or even just changing some of your habits and routines that can help improve your safety. With that in mind, here is what to think about when it comes to keeping yourself and your home safe.   

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Keeping yourself safe 

We can’t always just stay at home, and so we need to understand that there are ways that we can keep ourselves safe when we venture out. Be that to work, or to go out socially or somewhere new. It is always important for you to inform somebody of where you are going. A parent, partner, or friend. Letting them know your plans means that if something should go wrong, there is a starting point. You might also want to use technology to keep you safe such as having applications on your home, and there are others online that can help you to utilize monitoring applications for iPhone or Android. It may sound crazy, but we live in a world where it can be unpredictable, so arming yourself with the best possible defense that can work in the background can help you to feel safer when out and about. Social media is also good for things like this as it can help you to keep a track of where you go, but you also want to keep yourself safe online such as not announcing things like an empty home for example because you are on holiday. Improving your privacy settings can help you to feel safer online. 

Keeping your home safe 

Just as you want to keep yourself safe you also need to ensure that you keep your home safe and secure. When you are there and when you are away from it. This is when you could look at an upgraded alarm system. There are alarms out there now that have dedicated applications on your phone and can even inform local law enforcement should there be a problem. You could also look at adding cameras inside and outside of your home as an added measure. Both these things can be seen as a warning for opportunists. Another thing to factor in would be fences, new windows and doors, and extra upgraded locks. The more you invest in the security of your home, the safer you will feel. After all, it is likely to not only be your biggest ex[ense, but it is the home of some of your most prized possessions. Insurance policies can be handy to help secure your home and the contents within it, should anything happen. Insurance policies that you have can be pricey, but priceless when you need them the most. 

Let’s hope that these tips help you to keep yourself and your home safe.

Use Your Imagination to Make Life More Interesting


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It would probably be fair to say that everyone would prefer their life to be interesting and exciting, rather than dull and boring. It’s not as if most people daydream about being uninspired, after all.

Of course, if you feel that your life isn’t exactly as much of an interesting adventure as you would like it to be, it might not be totally self-evident how to go about changing things.

So, here are some suggestions on how to use your imagination to make your life more interesting.

Imagine and visualise the biggest, boldest, and most over-the-top positive scenarios you can from time to time – it can help to make you more daring and outgoing in general

One of the great benefits of reading heroic fiction, and watching over the top and heroic films, is that it helps to put you in the mindset of imagining and visualising the seemingly impossible.

It’s a really good mental exercise, from time to time, to simply imagine and visualise the biggest, boldest, and most over-the-top positive scenarios you possibly can. This isn’t necessarily because you should try and achieve those things (although maybe you should), but because it can help to expand your sense of what’s possible, and what’s worth contemplating.

Even just having these powerful and uplifting images in your mind from time to time, can serve to make you indirectly more daring and outgoing, in general. Suffice to say, that will inevitably make your life more interesting.

Set yourself uplifting goals, and imagine things working out for you as well as they possibly can, to keep yourself optimistic and motivated

Setting yourself uplifting goals that you genuinely care about, and imagining things working out for you as well as they possibly can with regards those goals, can work wonders in driving up your baseline levels of optimism and motivation.

Whether you are interested in implementing an ambitious wine cellar design into your dream home, or whether you are simply looking to get into good shape, regularly imagining things working out for you – as you continue to strive towards your goals – can go a long way towards counteracting the common tendency to be overly nervous and pessimistic with regards to such things.

Life is naturally more interesting and exciting when you are optimistic and driven to keep moving forward towards lofty aims.

Imagine alternate ways you could have approached past scenarios, to give you insight into the possibilities available in future

We all have regrets from time to time, and find ourselves looking back on the way we handled particular situations with the uncomfortable sense that we’ve done a pretty bad job, all things considered.

Spend a bit of time imagining alternate ways you could have approached past scenarios, and the different outcomes that might have arisen as a result.

Not only can this make you more effective going forward, but it can also grant you some very interesting insights into your own behaviour patterns, and the potential you have to approach things differently.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Coolest Neighborhoods in San Diego

San Diego is the second-largest city in all of California, and this makes it a diverse settlement with very different and interesting districts. There are places that are hip, places that are party-centric, and places that have more culture. San Diego has it all, but here are the best neighborhoods for tourists and locals to hang out in and explore. 

Little Italy 

Little Italy is now the cultural hub of Downtown San Diego and is famous for its excellent restaurants and authentic Mediterranean shops. Formerly a fishing village, it is now an area with a proud heritage, which can be seen in full at the bustling Mercato Market, that’s open every Saturday from 8am to 2pm. The area also hosts several Italian-themed festivals, which celebrate the unique personality and identity of the Italian people who live here. San Diego’s Little Italy is a bustling and welcoming neighborhood that is unlike any other in the entire city. 

Old Town 

The Old Town is an area of San Diego that is steeped in history and interest and is said to be the birthplace of California as it was the state’s first official settlement built back in 1769 by Spanish settlers. The area is littered with awesome museums, historic buildings, and exhibits, with the historic park being a particular highlight of the neighborhood. 

The area also contains a fantastic collection of preserved Victorian houses, as well as the apparently haunted Whaley House, which is a good destination for thrill-seekers and believers of the paranormal. Of course, the Old Town also has its modern charms, such as some delicious restaurants and the Barra Barra Saloon, home of the best $6 margarita in the entire town. 


Hillcrest is a very significant location in San Diego as it is the most LGBTQ-friendly district in the entire city, and has been the site of the annual Pride parade since the 1970s. It’s a very accepting district with lots of cool events going on. There are brilliant food venues here too, including awesome bakeries, delicious restaurants, and the vibrant and colorful, Urban Mo’s, which can be described as a gay burger joint. The area is also the home of San Diego Zoo, where you can get up close and personal with some of the world’s most mesmerizing creatures. 

Pacific Beach 

Pacific beach is tucked away between La Jolla and Mission Beach and is a youthful and active oceanside neighborhood. It’s a stunning location within the city as it boasts spectacular coastlines as well as a buzzing nightlife scene, which is emphasized along the rambunctious Garnet Avenue. Here, you can get your groove on and party with a wide variety of locals who range from many of the city’s demographics that make it such a great and diverse place. The neighborhood is also home to the Crystal Pier Hotel, which takes the form of several charming bungalows that date back all the way to the 1930s. This hotel can be found on the pier and boasts amazing seaside views.