Thursday, May 28, 2020

How To Help A Loved Grieving Through Covid-19

Grief is never easy, however, coronavirus has made it just that little bit more difficult. For many of us, we feel like coronavirus is a waiting game. We’ve limited trips out, started work from home, home-schooled the kids, and have seen each day as a victory for escaping the virus.

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

Unfortunately, there are some people who have been affected by the coronavirus in the worst way possible. Losing someone you care about is never easy, but coronavirus has made it worst. Normally there would be no limit to how many people can gather to celebrate someone life, you can run and give someone who needs it, a hug, nut social distancing and government guidelines have put a stop to the way we can support our loved ones when they’re are grieving during coronavirus.

Although this time is extremely hard and we can’t plan things the way we want to, there are still some things you can do to support someone who needs it, let’s have a look at some of them below:

Plan a Funeral or Memorial

A Funeral Service or memorial can provide solace and, perhaps, a sense of closure for some. In the age of coronavirus, these events are a little different. The numbers are limited, but small services are still possible as long as social distancing is applied. Although there will be many people who can’t attend who would want to pay their respects, it’s still possible to speak to people over video chat or hold an online memorial so people can celebrate their life together. Of course, speak to the bereaved person before going ahead and planning one, but offering your help at this bad time could be a great shoulder to lean on even if they can’t physically.

Share Happy Memories 

If you have memories filled with the joy of the person who has passed, don’t keep them to yourself. It can be as simple as sending a message online or an email to the people who were closest to them. Talking about the memories you have can bring a smile to someone's face in times of need. If you feel comfortable, you could send an email and see if they want to talk over video chat or phone, at times like these someone people may not feel up to that but others will appreciate hearing someones voice. Especially with the lockdown and not been able to be near the people who would normally support them.

Plan For The Future 

We can’t forget that one day the crisis will pass, even if the timeline of this is hard to predict at the moment. You most certainly don’t want to gloss over someone's sadness, however, you can help to direct their energy in a positive direction. Maybe mention something that they’d love to do that is possible at the moment. Such as ‘wait until we can go to xxx again’. Of course, you need to wait for the right moment to do this. You can also express how you’re looking forward to one day all coming together in person to be able to honor the memory of the passed.

Although times are hard at the moment, it’s important for us to find new ways to support each other through this difficult time. Are there any ways you are supporting your loved ones that you could share in the comments below? 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Four Reasons to Get Into Crafting

If you’re looking for something to do, or want to start a new hobby, crafting is a great idea. There are loads of different crafts that you could try and the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can make. Along with being a fun way to spend your time, and being really satisfying when you make something that you love, crafting is a handy hobby to have when the holidays come around, or you have a friend or relative’s birthday coming up because you can make them lovely personalized gifts that they’ll definitely not be able to find elsewhere. Here are some great reasons to consider crafting as your new hobby.

There are Loads of Options:

When it comes to crafting there are hundreds of possibilities. You could knit scarves and hats, learn to sew your own clothes or home accessories, make wall art, paint pictures, make greetings cards, make your own candles, make your own bath bombs, scrapbooks, and more. The list really is endless when it comes to the skills you can learn as a crafter and the things that you can make.

It's Therapeutic:

Most people who do a lot of crafting find that it is a fun and relaxing way to spend the time. If you’re tired of spending your downtime doing the same old things like watching TV or scrolling through social media, crafting can be a therapeutic hobby to take up that allows you to feel productive while doing something fun at the same time. Some people find that doing things with their hands and making crafts can help them deal better with anxiety and stress.

Supplies are Easy to Come By:

Crafting is a very popular hobby and, as such, it’s not difficult to find all the supplies that you need. Chances are that you have a local craft shop that you can go and browse in your hometown but if not, there are plenty of crafting online stores to explore where you can find hundreds of different supplies for any craft that you want to try next. You can even get great discounts online using JOANN coupons; use JOANN coupons for money off papercrafts, knitting supplies, fabrics, and more.

You Can Make Money:

Have you always wondered what it would be like to make money from doing something that you enjoy? Well, when you are a crafter, it’s easier than ever to turn this dream into a reality. Whatever you make, you can be sure that many people love buying unique, handmade goods and are willing to pay more for something special. And selling sites like Etsy have made it easier than ever for crafters to set up a shop selling their projects. You could sell your crafts as a little side hustle to your regular job, or even start your own business and do it full-time.

If you’re stuck for things to do, there are many great reasons to give crafting a try. Find a craft that you enjoy and have some fun!

Friday, May 22, 2020

How To Deal With The Worries And Concerns That Come With COVID-19

There is no denying that the outbreak of COVID-19 is a concerning and worrying time for many people. Whether you’re concerned about your finances, returning to work, worried about your loved ones, or stressed about simple tasks like food shopping, you need to remember that you are not alone in this.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

But how do you deal with the worries and concerns that you do have? Let’s have a look at some of them below:

It may be that you are now working fewer hours, lost your job, working remotely, or are now been asked to return work, any one of these could leave you feeling a little bit worried about the security of your employment. It’s a good idea to speak to your manager and keep in regular contact with your colleagues. You should also make sure you are aware of any workplace COVID-19 rights. If you’re concerned about your employment it’s always best to speak out about it, whether it’s directly to your manager, a counselor, or your family and friends. There is a lot of people in the same boat and they would probably appreciate the support too.

This could very well be linked to your employment concerns, but there has been a lot of people who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and it could be a while before they are able to get back on track. There has been a huge amount of support from people like creditors and lenders who have offered things like payment holidays or a temporary reduction in costs. It’s important not to get too concerned about this, as long as you set a budget that you can stick to you can make it through the other side. If you can, you should try to save a little bit form each month, you never know what is going to happen in the future, and having a safety blanket for that ‘just in case’ moment is something that can help you feel less worried about your finances.

Something that many people have now become worried about is been able to get the basic household essentials that you need to live. One big reason for this is because right at the start numerous people were seen panic buying, which led to others feeling the need to panic buy and thus, leaving the shelves bare of essentials like toilet rolls, antibacterial hand gel, or wash, long-life milk, and potatoes. It has, however, now calmed down and the majority of items are well stocked in all grocery stores. The new concern is not feeling safe when you are out doing your shop. It has been strongly advised to try and order your food shopping online but being able to confirm a time slot in advance has become near impossible. When you go into a crowded public space, make sure you follow social distancing guidelines and wear a face mask. You should also get changed and wash your clothes when you return home.

These are three of the most common areas that people are becoming worried and concerned over through this time. Is there anything that you are doing to help with these? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Taking a Joy Break with joyböl #ad

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

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A joyböl is a smoothie bowl that is creamy and crunchy.  It contains granola clusters that are made with whole grain oats.  I purchased the Superberries with Chia and it is super yummy.  It contains granola clusters, chia seeds, dried cranberries, and dried blackberries!  It is the perfect way for me to have some “me time” and take a Joy Break!  When you are a busy wife and mom, a Joy Break is something you can really use. 

A joyböl is quick and easy to prepare.  It is ready in seconds because you simply add milk (dairy or nut) or cold water and stir!  There is no blender or refrigeration needed, so they are perfect for on the go.   The Superberries with Chia joyböl has 11g of protein in a single 60g serving and it is Non-GMO project verified.  It has NO artificial flavors and the colors are from natural sources. 

joyböl is currently available in 3 flavors, Superberries with Chia, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Strawberry Almond Quinoa.  If you are shopping at Harris Teeter stores in North Carolina, these bowls can be found on the cereal aisle.  They were very easy to spot.

 We have purchased multiple joyböls since our initial purchase because I couldn’t keep my hubby out of my bowl.  All of the flavors are tasty, and there is just something special about having that crunch factor.  Each time I have a joyböl, I have my own Joy Break, even if it is only for 5 minutes.

What do you think?  Which flavor are you most interested in trying?  Check out your local Harris Teeter to find the Kellogg’s joyböl.  The brightly colored smoothie inside will brighten your day.  #joybol  #bringthejoy #myjoybreak  #socialspotters

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Finding an Engagement Ring That is as Unique as Your Relationship

Getting engaged is an exciting time for any couple. Finding the love of your life and starting your life journey together is one of the most rewarding periods in anyone’s life. Whether you choose to pop the question with the ring or have opted to make this important decision together, there is plenty of choices for you to consider, and you may feel pulled towards selecting something as unique as your relationship.
But with so much choice, it can be daunting, and sometimes just knowing where to start can leave you turning in circles. So here are some ideas to get your off on the right track towards finding the perfect ring to symbolize your love for the rest of your lives together.

Custom Made
Of course, nothing screams unique, quite like custom made. A ring that is inspired and created by you as a reflection of your individual love for one another. Of course, there is a lot to consider, such as diamonds or gemstones, metal, setting, band style, and cut, but there are designers who will work with you individually or as a couple to help you achieve your perfect design.

While this can be an enjoyable experience and one that you will remember for years to come, you should be prepared to pay more for a custom design. The upside, of course, is that you will have a ring that is entirely unique to you and your relationship.

Not every bride to be dreams of wearing a classic solitaire for the rest of their life, and certainly, an engagement ring should reflect the style of the wearer, whether she is conventional or not. You may want your ring to stand out from the crowd, or you might just not be a diamond kind of gal. 

There are many alternatives to the traditional solitaire, including swapping out the diamond for a colored gemstone or going for a non-traditional shape. 

Consider going for an opal instead or have a band in the shape of a vine. Head to for rare gold quartz rings, which will undoubtedly reflect your unique style.

Vintage Rings
There are many advantages to setting your sights on a vintage engagement ring. Not only will you own a unique piece of history with its own charm, but vintage engagement rings are often less expensive than their modern counterparts while still embodying the excellent craftsmanship and timeless quality that you can expect from something new.

There are a vast number of copies out there, and you must purchase an antique or vintage ring from a reputable dealer. Make sure you have all the information such as age, size, condition, color, carat, and clarity before you part with any cash. 

To be considered an antique, a ring should be at least 50 years old. Look for rings that are from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras, depending on which style appeals to you the most.

Monday, May 18, 2020

How Well Do You Know The People You Love?

As we go through life and meet new people, we tend to judge them on an individual basis. Each new encounter, we tell ourselves is unique. Everyone is fundamentally different.

It turns out, though, that this is not the case. Psychologists and researchers have come up with many personality archetypes that seem to fit most people at the primary level. People might have different ways of saying things or expressing themselves. Still, at their core, certain groups are very similar to each other.

This point isn’t just a matter of scientific interest, though - it can also make a massive difference to your life. The better you understand the fundamental emotions of the people around you, the better your relationships will be.

The Enneagram test provides insights into what makes other people tick. It’s mostly a series of questions that people can answer that tell you how they’re put together. You can take the insights and get a feel for why they do what they do. It tells you what’s driving their behaviors at the fundamental level. And it shows you how they’re different from you.

So what should you do to understand the people you love better?

Try To Discover Your Blind Spots

We like to think of ourselves in favorable terms. We tell ourselves that we are a person who has empathy and understanding to comprehend the people around us fully.

Unfortunately, though, we all have blind spots - parts of our thinking that we don’t share with others. People who are prospecting (feeling their way through life) might not understand the motivations of planners. Similarly, those who want to engage in social interactions all the time might not understand the desires of introverts.

If you want to understand people better, you must have an appreciation of your blind spots - the areas of your personality that you take for granted. Once you have a better feel for these, you’ll be better positioned to listen to other people.

Make Listening An Active Skill

Listening isn’t something you do passively. It is an active skill - at least according to the best listeners on the planet. They don’t just wait for somebody to finish talking so that they can speak. Instead, they mull over what they say and then meditate on it afterward. Their goal is to get to the core of the person - their authentic self - so that they can understand it. Knowledge of the other person becomes the aim.

Knowing that other people will necessarily have different points of view from you is essential. People construct their beliefs of the world in different ways, and so they will inevitably veer towards certain viewpoints. A lot of political opinions, for example, are based on temperament, not persuasive arguments. The reason somebody might support a particular candidate for president probably has more to do with their character than rational arguments.

So how well do you understand the people you love? Getting to know them better is usually just a matter of listening to what they say and thinking about it in relation to their personality type.

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Healthy Way Of Dealing With Grief

Grief and death are two things that we all feel in life, yet nobody likes talking about it. Perhaps this is why they are both so difficult to comprehend. You can feel overwhelmed by grief when a loved one passes. It almost strangles and suffocates you, and there’s no way to turn. Many people struggle to deal with grief because they don’t know what to do. Should you bottle it all up and try to move on? Is it wise to let your grief flow until there’s nothing left?

Unless you’ve been in the situation before, it’s hard to know the right steps to take. So, I thought I’d create a post that explains the healthy way of dealing with grief. By ‘healthy’ I mean that it’s good for your mental health and wellbeing. There are unhealthy ways of dealing with grief that can do more harm than good. It’s a sensitive subject, and I will do my best to explain everything to you.

Be aware of your pain

This sounds like the worst thing you can do. Grieving is a painful process; shouldn’t you look to ease that pain? Doesn’t this mean that trying to ignore it will get rid of it faster? In short, no. Ignoring your pain never works. We can’t magically get rid of grief by not thinking about it. The best you can do is hide the pain beneath the surface. But, this will just lead to you bottling up some emotions that can then come roaring out when you least expect it. Ignoring your grief turns you into a ticking time bomb of emotions - there’s no way of knowing what can set you off.

Instead, you have to be aware of your pain. Acknowledge what you’re feeling and be aware that you are grieving. Understand that you are sad and that it is perfectly natural to be sad. When you’re aware of your pain it’s much easier to move past it. Think of it as a big room with a door at one end that’s guarded by a giant monster. You can try and hide from the monster by sticking to the shadows and creeping around them. But, this will be incredibly difficult and the chances are you’ll never get through the door. It takes a great deal of courage to walk straight up to the monster and acknowledge it, where you find that they will move out of the way and let you through. This is just an analogy, but you get the point: be aware of your pain if you want to move on.

Don’t be afraid to let your emotions out

One of the biggest misconceptions of grief is that you have to be brave or strong. Oh, look at that person, she’s not crying, she’s so strong and brave. You hear these sentiments all the time, and they do more harm than good. Braveness does not equate itself to your emotions. You can still be brave while crying. Braveness is getting out of bed every morning and going on with your life when you’ve lost someone close to you. It’s taking those first few steps back into work, it’s finding the courage to talk about your grief. All the while, you can still bawl your eyes out and cry for days on end. It won’t make you less brave, but it will help you heal.

Believe it or not, but there are many benefits of crying. For too long, this has been associated with weakness. It's not weak to let your emotions out. Again, this stops you from keeping them bottled up inside. Often, crying will give you a mental release that can help you get over an invisible barrier. Too many people try to hold in their emotions when someone dies. I must stay strong, you tell yourself. It’s not good for you, these emotions exist for a reason. Stopping yourself from crying is as bad as holding in a pee. Eventually, you will have to release it, but you’ll do it while damaging yourself in the process. Don’t be afraid to cry it out.

Never be alone

Let me clarify this point. It’s okay to physically be alone if you want some time to yourself. You can be home on your own as this might help you grieve properly by giving you a chance to let your emotions flow. However, you shouldn’t be alone in the sense that you shut yourself off from everyone that knows you. Many people do this when they grieve, making it impossible for anyone to contact you. It’s much harder to get through troublesome times when you are completely and utterly alone.

Instead, open yourself up to others. Ask for help and support. Nobody will think less of you, in fact, they will be happy you ask them to help. This is most important in the days following death. Here, you have your grief to deal with, along with so many other things. There’s your loved one’s will to contend with, funeral preparations, sorting through old stuff, financial things, etc. Get help with all of this. Ask a friend or family member to help plan the funeral so you don’t have to deal with choosing between silver or bronze grave markers and the correct flower arrangements. Bring people to meetings with solicitors or bank managers if you have any. Surround yourself with an emotional support system to lighten the load on your shoulders.

Don’t set expectations

Finally, never set expectations for how long it takes someone to grieve. Some people take longer than others, and that’s normal. It depends on many factors: your mental health, your family, your personal situation, and so on. There’s no timeline for grief. Take as long as you need and don’t be afraid if you think it’s taking longer than usual. This isn’t a race - let your body and mind naturally find its path to healing.

I sincerely hope that this helps anyone struggling with grief right now. No words can make you feel better, but perhaps this advice will set you down the path to regaining some semblance of normal life.